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Five key packaging-industry trends to look out for in 2024

The packaging industry is currently in a state of flux due to changing consumer preferences, new regulations on recyclability and a general shift...
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Creating value by challenging packaging conventions

Billerud helps reduce its customers’ climate impact by inspiring them to make the best and most sustainable packaging choices with confidence.
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In 50 years, the right paper will still do the job

Premium paper packaging materials are designed with longevity and sustainability at their core. They are not only strong but also fully...
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Sustainable Packaging - Oatly Case

Here is how BoxLab engineers helped Oatly reduce the carbon footprint of their secondary packaging. What Oatly was after, to begin with, was to...
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Unique evaluation process for boxes used in demanding value chains

Fluting and liners for corrugated boxes are often chosen without enough thought given to how their specific characteristics impact costs and...
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Selling pacifiers worldwide through word-of-mouth

How a quest for sustainability in production and packaging transformed a Swedish real-estate broker into a reluctant entrepeneur through the...
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How a new type of cement sack improves working conditions

Sometimes, changing the packaging of a product can have profound implications not only for the environment, but also for the people using it.
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Packaging that improves food safety and prevents waste

It’s an inescapable fact that food packaging has an environmental cost. But it also helps avoid countless deadly outbreaks of foodborne illnesses...
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Trailblazing the future of renewable packaging

The Swedish sports nutrition brand Moonvalley was founded by three world-class Swedish trail-runners with a deep love for the outdoors and an...
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Thinking outside of a (square) box

When Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack needed a sustainable packaging solution for her range of fragrances, she turned to Billerud and their...
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Collaboration – the way to success!

Many brand owners are interested in switching from plastic to paper packaging. They have a vision of the change, but need external knowledge...
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Strong cartonboard increases sustainability at construction sites

CrownBoard Craft™ is an incredibly strong cartonboard, made of 100% virgin fibers and engineered in multiple layers. The material is so tough and...
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3 real-world examples of how packaging can boost brand appeal

The signs are clear: the era of single-use plastics1 and excessive packaging is slowly but surely coming to an end. In its place, a new paradigm...
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Varnishes and more: Put a coat on it!

Protect it, detail it or both—varnishes and other liquid coatings can both preserve and add impact to your printed materials.
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The science of strength: an evolution in packaging

Corrugated board was an innovation already when it first appeared on the market. We now offer an evolution – one of the world’s strongest and...
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We make packaging work for a sustainable tomorrow

At Billerud we understand that packaging is an essential tool in the fight against climate change. That’s why we work to eliminate poor and...
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In fashion: E-commerce packaging made of paper

In recent years, European packaging manufacturer Bong has seen a growing demand for paper packaging. Consumers pay attention to sustainability...
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Billerud is exploring the possibilities of Bio-CCS

The Paris agreement not only mandates a steep reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also requires permanent carbon removals. Billerud is...
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An evolution in packaging

Sustainability has become a factor that determines what the consumer selects – or rejects. It makes good business sense to optimize...
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2024: Ad spending solid, with growing dangers in digital media

After stabilizing in 2H 2023, ad spending is showing good growth in 2024, both in traditional and digital/online media. But marketing online is...
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Capturing attention in an increasingly distracted world

We all know it because we all experience it: Every day is a constant bombardment of ads, much of it through online media. And the attention span...
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Sheetfed Sample Kit

Billerud Sheetfed Sample Kit The right optics, surface and breadth of choice; bet-on-it print performance, service and technical support.
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How to package a scent

When visual artist Andrea Maack was branching out her art to include fragrance design, she immersed herself in the world of packaging hoping to...
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Print has a proven pedigree with luxury brands

For the lucrative luxury market, the idea that print is out of fashion has never felt more outdated. Jo Stedman, Creative Director for an agency...
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Discover how we can help your brand become more sustainable

Making sustainable choices shouldn’t mean making compromises. That’s why Billerud’s packaging materials and solutions are not only more...

Developing high-impact direct mail

Perception is reality for impactful direct mail. Experienced marketers know that direct mail works. But saying the right things to the right...
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Embossing: See and feel the third dimension.

Embossing—and its sister, debossing—adds physical depth and dimension to the printed page for attention-getting impact.
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ALB-GOLD - Soul food packed in paper

ALB-GOLD Pasta in Billerud Axello®ZAP Paper  -  An awarded concept    A number of factors; paper from sustainable forestry, low emission...
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Foil stamping: Next-level your impression.

This is a time-tested finishing technique for stamping a positive perception of your brand on the minds of your market.
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Ed #16 Digital Possibilities

Ed™ knows digital print’s next level. Digital printing has grown up. No longer an awkward little brother to offset printing, digital printing is...
Publishing & printing

Billerud collaborates with Arttek Solutions to replace plastic straws in India

Manufacturer of sustainable paper straws, Arttek Solutions in Bengaluru India, under the Arttek Enviro brand, is dedicated to the exciting task...
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Metallic inks: Unusual, eye-catching, simple.

Metallic inks have been around a long time but have not lost their luster for adding impact to printed communications.
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Calico Jack – a retailer with sustainability high on the agenda

Calico Jack is one of the leading fashion retailers in the Netherlands. Besides their physical store, their e-commerce business is getting more...
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Interactive print breaks through the noise

Making the buying experience more engaging. Print is a gateway. A highly relevant and effective way to reach people, sell them and steer them...
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Ed #15 Interactive Print

Ed™ knows interactivity. Paper is the original interactive communication medium. And it keeps getting better, finding new ways to connect, not...
Publishing & printing

Gen Z and millennials are critical to marketers

The eldest members of Gen Z consumers – born from 1997-2021 – turn 25 this year. As for Millennials (Gen Y) – born 1981-1996 – the oldest turns...
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Online retailers show keen interest in sustainable packaging

E-commerce has experienced remarkable growth, showcasing its resilience and adaptability in dynamic market conditions. Even online sales of...
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Catalogs are more vital than ever

They reach millions. They sell billions. Nothing succeeds like a great idea. Especially one whose marketing prowess for reach and revenue has...
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Unwrapping the benefits of sustainable packaging for your brand

The increasing demand for sustainability is urging organizations to reconsider their environmental impact. Packaging takes center stage as a...
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Ed #14 Getting Personal

Ed™ knows how to get personal. Marketing has become a conversation, and print is still vital to reaching key audiences to have that conversation.
Publishing & printing

Ed #13 Balance

Ed™ knows balance. Gas or electric? Paper or plastic? Print or digital?
Publishing & printing

Precious impressions

Your packaging is an important part of the brand experience. When you realize this, you can use the packaging to your advantage to add value to...
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Ed #12 Standards

Ed™ knows standards. You’ve always been able to count on Ed. Now you can count with him too. Whether it’s laying out a brochure, putting together...
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Wolf Nudeln - A choice for the future

Together with machine producer Syntegon Technology, BillerudKorsnäs has developed an alternative to packaging pasta in plastic bags.
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Ed #11 Print it.

Ed™ knows printing. Ed wants you to be OK. With press OKs. Next to the initial concept meeting with the client, a press OK may be the single most...
Publishing & printing

Ed #10 Prepress

Ed™ knows prepress. Ed thinks you should get everything you want, all of the time. For designers and other graphic arts professionals, there are...
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A strong gift protected by Pure White

More than 327-year-old Dutch distillery of the Nolet family decided to take further steps in sustainability by making gift packs consisting of...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Ed #9 Understanding Ink

Ed™ knows ink. Where would we be without it? In a much less educated, entertained, and colorful place. Much of what we know about the world...
Publishing & printing

What if the most sustainable packaging is the one that disappears?

D-Sack® is the first plastic free cement sack that fully disintegrates and becomes part of the building material. When placed in the mixer, it...
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Ed #8 Digital Variables

Ed™ knows digital. Ed has something for you. Just you. Digital technology is changing the face of printing faster, easier to produce and more...
Publishing & printing

Ed #7 Retouching

Ed™ knows how to fake it. Ed wants to show you things as they aren’t. Yet are. Ever since Adobe® Photoshop® first appeared in 1990, photographs...
Publishing & printing

Billerud Flute delivers more savings than expected

A Billerud customer in Spain discovered this after having a Technical seminar. They were convinced to evaluate Billerud Flute® of a lower...
Article Food & Beverages

Build the world. Protect your health.

Concrete is the backbone of our world and has in one form or another been used to build civilizations for over 2700 years. But it has not always...
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Ed #6 Embossing and Foil Stamping

Ed™ knows finishing. Ed says to finish it off. For graphic designers, printers, and their clients, winning eyeballs of readers and viewers is...
Publishing & printing

Lightweighting for reduced costs and environmental impact

Packaging matters. For the consumer, for the environment and, most of all, for your brand. So, how do you turn packaging into a competitive edge?
Article Consumer & Luxury

Ed #5 Enhancing Color

Ed™ says you need enhancements. No one is ever satisfied these days, including designers, printers and their clients. Four-color printing, the...
Publishing & printing

Good food deserves good packaging

Atria’s new chicken cold cuts under the Lönneberga brand are packaged on FibreForm trays. The material and packaging expertise is supplied by...
Article Food & Beverages

Ed #4 Protective Coverings

Ed™ says you need protection. It’s a cruel world for print publications. They come off-press in pristine condition, but soon face sharp edges...
Publishing & printing

Huge opportunity for Helpful Brands to gain market shares

Brand owners that clearly empowers consumers to act more sustainable are in high demand among global consumers. The Billerud Consumer Panel...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Sustainable solutions for cities and packaging

What are cities doing to become more sustainable and how can packaging be a part of the solution? We visit Copenhagen to find out.

The impact of sustainability

What does it take for your packaging to be more sustainable? Find out as we unbox sustainable packaging.

What if change starts with paper packaging?

At Billerud we believe that nature is something to be marvelled at. From the crystal-clear waters of the glaciers of Sulitelma in northern Sweden...
Article Food & Beverages

Giving consumers what they want

You’ve got to know people’s opinions, to change their behaviours. Learn more about consumer views on packaging sustainability.
Video Consumer & Luxury

Proven to be cool

Rushing to the train, grabbing a cup of coffee – and not quite getting a grip because it is too hot. We’ve all been there. In the past the...
Article Food & Beverages

The rational B2B buyer – and other myths

There is a persistent myth about the rational B2B buyer. But modern psychology and market insights reveal that emotional wins over rational – and...

What if packaging could just disappear?

At Billerud we firmly believe that packaging can be part of the solution to environmental challenges. That is why we are delighted to be able to...
Article Industrial

Your brand displayed

Your brand displayed - living a second life, in stores and at home. Today, if the packaging of a product is highly functional, beautifully...
Video Consumer & Luxury

Can paper carrier bags take the weight? No sweat

The environmental benefits of using single-use plastic bags are being questioned all over Europe and the world. But can paper carrier bags...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Use touch to make memories

Remember your mother’s calming hand when you fell and grazed your knee? Brands can create lasting memories in the same way – through the tactile...
Article Food & Beverages

Packaging inspired by nature

Nature undisturbed is a perfectly balanced system. So what better inspiration to have when designing sustainable packaging? Just like the peel on...

What if a paper bag could change the world?

Plastic packaging accounts for half of plastic waste globally. 91% of the 9 million tonnes of plastic ever produced in the world has not been...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Ed #3 Stochastic and Conventional

Will Ed™ go stochastic? Ed is looking at stochastic printing processes—and how they compare to conventional halftone printing. Thanks to recent...
Publishing & printing

Ed #2 Quadtones

Ed™ knows quadtones. Ed isn’t just anyone. Ed is a reference, a guru, a guide to making your ideas work—on press, on paper. To help you explore...
Publishing & printing

Ed #1 Metallics

Ed™ knows metallics. Ed is a continuing education series by Billerud. Ed is dedicated to delivering technical wisdom to a broad range of...
Publishing & printing

QuickFill Clean® - breathe naturally

QuickFill Clean is the latest innovation in the cement industry allowing cement manufacturers that use woven polypropylene (WPP) sacks to...

Big results in small print runs

Digital printing gives you high quality print, slashed lead-times and high cost efficiency in limited print runs. Different digital technologies...
Food & Beverages Consumer & Luxury

Packaging that tells a good story

New techniques for unfolding your brand. Even a small package can carry all brand communication you could possibly wish for. Your packaging can...

Shape inspired by nature

Consumer packaging for perfume, converted and printed on Billerud White 270 gsm. A lightweight pack with a clean, fresh appearance. Billerud...
Consumer & Luxury

Keeping us safe - the invisible role of packaging

The role of packaging for direct food contact is more important than ever. Quality fresh food deserves quality material without compromise.
Food & Beverages

The first sealed paper packaging

Conventional packaging for dry foods such as flour and sugar has several benefits – and several environmental drawbacks. Plastic bags are leakage...
Food & Beverages

Value for premium brands

Is a conventional packaging solution good enough for you? Or you may be looking for enhanced consumer appeal, more cost-effective converting...
Consumer & Luxury

Let's not forget the millennials

Are you paying attention to the millennials? We find out what these influential consumers think about packaging sustainability.

An ocean of possibilities

The art of making an impressive box for fine champagne, whisky or other luxury drinks is a complex business. You need to combine ultimate...
Consumer & Luxury

Five ways to boost online sales with packaging

In today’s e-commerce, the standard form of packaging seems to be “quick, cheap and ugly”. Sure it can get the job done, and in general it’s...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Make your package sing

Think beyond everything that is sensible, practical and rational. Just think visual impact and eye candy, qualities that fascinate and inspire...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Envisioning the fully operational plant

On December 12th 2016, BillerudKorsnäs' Board of Directors took a decision on the largest future initiative in the history of the company, and...

Trends that shape Future Business Perspectives

Challenge conventional packaging – trends that shape Future Business Perspectives: In the BillerudKorsnäs trend report we present six...

The secrets behind the Bunches success?

Flowers for quick and easy distribution became a huge success with no marketing other than its innovative packaging.

Isso - Challenging confectionery traditions

Men generally don’t give confectionery gifts to other men. Especially just before heading out to a football game or a night on the town together.
Consumer & Luxury

Nivea-The perfect match

Nivea is just one of the companies that Dutch packaging firm, Schut Packaging, has wooed through its creative use of BillerudKorsnäs White.
Medical & Hygiene

A breath of fresh air

Billerud White cartonboard is behind an award-winning packaging solution for dispensing premium mints.
Article Consumer & Luxury

Jacquart – Modern mosaic

As a relatively recent entrant to the ranks of grand champagne houses, Champagne Jacquart brings a modern touch to this venerable art. Its new...
Article Consumer & Luxury

The global wine business - Success is surely in the Bag? ... and in the Box

Can nothing stop the popularity of bag-in-box wines? Having gained acceptance from wine purists, major wine growers and the traditional buying...
Consumer & Luxury

L’Occitane – Natural H&B á la Provence

You immediately recognise a perfect match when you see it. Billerud White and l’Occitane look like twin spirits: together they make a statement...
Medical & Hygiene

MAM - The product is the star

Producers of baby bottles and soothers are subject to extra-stringent requirements regarding the packaging used for these products. Billerud...

Frizle – New approach to an old favorite

When two food lovers got together with a packaging designer, a converter and cartonboard from BillerudKorsnäs, the result was a clever new way of...
Food & Beverages

Taoasis – Fragrances the natural way

Natural fragrance. That’s the promise of Taoasis, and they have chosen Billerud Artisan to package the promise.
Consumer & Luxury

It’s not only the unique product – it’s the people, too

The Smurfit Kappa companies in Sweden comprise every single link in the packaging value chain. Smurfit Kappa in Nybro use BillerudKorsnäs Design...

Breezer wrapped in a winning strategy

Smurfit Kappa UK is pushing the boundaries of corrugated packaging, earning itself an array of prestigious industry awards.
Article Consumer & Luxury

Empire - Effective Cinema Promotion

Snacks have become a natural part of seeing a film and cinemas are attractive advertising locations for brands to be seen in. Besides easy...
Article Food & Beverages

Lieferando-Food contact packaging without compromise

Quality, care and attention-to-detail are major factors when delivering fresh produce directly into the hands of consumers, making the role of...
Article Food & Beverages

Packaging success on the other side of the world

New Zealand could not be any further away from Scandinavia. It is home to a thriving kiwi industry led by Zespri International Limited.
Article Food & Beverages

Fiorini - Paper into fashion

A combination of creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and excellence has enabled Italy’s Fiorini International Group to establish itself as a...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Holcim – Lighter Construction

Holcim was using a 2-ply 90+90g/m2 construction for their 50kg cement sack market.
Article Industrial 1 min

Creativity is childs play

The natural, simple things in life often bring the most pleasure, something children know. Now you can unlock their imagination with Billerud...
Food & Beverages

Giving traditional food a modern flavour

What happens when two innovative food lovers get together and repackage a traditional German delicacy? Well the whole thing gets a modern flavour.

Only the strong survive. The secret to fresh kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruits must travel far to reach the majority of their export markets. But despite this, supply chain-related waste is low and business is...
Article Food & Beverages

The future of sugar and flour packaging

We’re always looking for new ways to challenge conventional methods of packaging dry goods. This is why we asked NINE to study the market, and...
Food & Beverages

Communicating through packaging

At design bureau NINE, which is part of the Billerud group, packaging is taken very seriously. Even if the contents are the big star, it’s the...

Red numbers - how we can all save juicy tomatoes

We can all do our bit to reduce food waste on planet earth.What’s going on and how can we all make a difference.
Article Food & Beverages

Curing parental "wrap rage" one toy at a time

We’ve all been there. A son, daughter, niece or nephew opens a birthday present and suddenly something odd happens. The joy of getting a new toy...
Article Consumer & Luxury

New strength and stability

The white prototypes are used for demonstrating design possibilities, material properties in a real-life context and convertability. Because...

Style and Shape

Blister-dispensation medical packaging, made of BillerudKorsnäs White 220 gsm, demonstrating the design possibilities offered by a really strong...
Medical & Hygiene

Silk and Smooth – An enhanced brand experience

The silky, light-coated surface of BillerudKorsnäs Artisan is pleasant to the touch, adding an appealing dimension to the brand experience.

New improved printing surface and strong shelf impact

Upgraded printing surface properties have brought Billerud Carry to the level of white/white board grades in terms of visual appeal, shelf impact...
Consumer & Luxury

Sharing Moments

Gift box for confectionery, converted and printed on Billerud Artisan 270 gsm. The clever and interesting design of the open/close function adds...

Packaging is the hero - find out why

Did you know that on a global scale nearly half of all commercially grown fruits and vegetables are wasted each year? With better packaging we...
Food & Beverages

Stretching the boundaries of packaging

How is the industry innovating and what positive impact is this having on the world around us? Mikael Ankerfors takes time out from his schedule...

Challenge your eco-footprint

Sadly, a good amount of the things we throw away aren’t naturally compostable, and should never be treated as such. In fact, many of them take...

Add paper for better crops

Every year more than a million tonnes of plastic film are used all over the world for mulching – to protect crops and give better yields – with...
Article 3 min

What if beauty packaging can make the world a better place?

Beauty product consumers in 16 megacities are convinced – packaging isn’t a problem-maker; it can be a problem-solver. Even a hero. A new...
Consumer & Luxury

Out of touch with your customer?

Get in touch with FibreForm®Emotional sensations build strong memories. And the more you engage your senses, the stronger the impact. The sense...
Article Consumer & Luxury 3 min

The right look and feel for premium desserts

Booths is an English premium chain of supermarkets. They have been in business since 1847 and are mentioned with awe in listings of the World’s...
Consumer & Luxury

With a taste for really strong packaging

For the launch of M&S Curry Kit, the demands on the packaging were many. Consumer appeal and high visual impact. Good exposure of the contents of...
Food & Beverages

The smooth way to pack the goodies

New brand identity. New visual expression. New sustainability strategy. And of course, new packaging for the company’s best-selling product: the...
Article Food & Beverages

How important is whiskey packaging

Mattias Klasson, an avid whisky collector, shows his extensive collection and we find out why packaging is so important.

Ready for funky functionality

The functionality of your packaging can be a deal breaker in terms of brand loyalty. Want to learn why?

Unboxing luxury packaging

Why is unboxing so important for packaging? Get insights and inspiration as we unbox luxury packaging.
Consumer & Luxury

Create brand loyalty through touch

Creating strong ties with your customers takes time. But there is an unknown shortcut. Learn all about how tactile packaging can increase trust...
Article Consumer & Luxury

Unique collaboration takes important steps towards commercial battery made of paper

BillerudKorsnäs is working with Uppsala University to make energy storage in packaging materials and paper a reality.

The perfect location

Located in the midst of responsibly managed forests, you will find the most advanced board machine in the world, built to produce climate-smart...

Follow the progress

Follow the gigantic construction project, step by step, from January 2017 to May 2019. More than 1,000 subcontractors have been involved in the...

Now online retail can offer easy returns

Online retail packaging is more important than ever. Consumers demand great user experience, sustainability and easy returns. Strong Xpression...

What if recycling was easier?

BillerudKorsnäs recently joined forces with innovative company recycl3R who have developed a digital solution to increase recycling and to make...

Discover how we can help your brand become more sustainable

Making sustainable choices shouldn’t mean making compromises. That’s why our packaging materials and solutions are not only more sustainable, but lighter, stronger and more durable too. Because we believe that all aspects of packaging can always be made better and that the right packaging solutions can become essential tools to help us achieve a more sustainable future. Join us on our journey.