Sustainable heavy-duty packaging

Our strong containerboard materials are perfect for heavy-duty applications and demanding logistics. All papers are made from strong primary fibres, sustainably managed resources and are fully recyclable in regular paper recycling. Our paper production in Europe is already 97% fossil free and by 2030, all integrated mills should be entirely fossil free. 

Switch to paper

Avoid hard-to-recycle packaging, including wood, polybags, cable ties and foam blocks. We can guide you to the best option for your needs.

Reduce packaging weight

The impressive strength of our papers enables you to use less packaging, save costs, reduce packaging weight and your carbon footprint. Ask for an estimate of your savings.

Sustainable supply chain

Our sustainable packaging is more than just paper. Work with us and leverage one of the most sustainable supply chains in the packaging industry.

Types of packaging

Strong transport packaging for demanding supply chains

From car parts to chemicals, our robust transport packaging keeps contents safe and in top condition. Billerud provides the strongest combination in corrugated transport boxes – pairing its tough quality liners and Billerud Flute®, the world's strongest semi-chemical fluting. The superior strength minimises damage and waste throughout the logistics chain, while using as little packaging material as possible.



Cartonboard replaces plastic at construction sites

CrownBoard Craft™ is probably the strongest cartonboard in the world, made of 100% primary Nordic wood fibres and engineered in multiple layers.

What if the most sustainable packaging is the one that disappears?

Construction generally generates a lot of waste in terms of empty cement sacks, except paper bags that fully disintegrates into cement.


The science of strength: an evolution in packaging

Corrugated board was an innovation already when it first appeared on the market. We now offer an evolution – the world’s strongest and most...

Build the world. Protect your health.

Concrete is the backbone of our world and has in one form or another been used to build civilizations for over 2700 years. But it has not always...

Why Billerud?

Work with us to find the best and most sustainable paper for your product.

As a world-leading producer of premium graphic and label papers, we can guide you to the right material, align packaging and paper with your brand, and meet the needs of your customers. Founded in the Nordics, we work with brands and converters in over 100 countries, challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

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See Also

Industrial bags for heavy-duty use

Big packs of cement, mortar and chemicals require strong sack paper capable of handling heavy loads and harsh conditions. Our range of strong materials for industrial bags includes Billerud QuickFill® – probably the best cement sack paper in the world. QuickFill® has superior deaeration for exact, high-speed filling and extreme strength to ensure maximum protection with minimum dust and cement loss in handling.