Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives

The annual general meeting 2022 resolved to adopt the following guidelines for remuneration for the CEO and the other members of the group’s Executive Management Team (EMT members).

The guidelines are applicable to remuneration agreed, and amendments to remuneration already agreed, after adoption of the guidelines by the annual general meeting 2022. The guidelines do not apply to any remuneration approved by the general meeting, for example ordinary board remuneration and Billerud long-term share-related incentive programs.

The guidelines’ promotion of Billerud’s business strategy, long-term interests and sustainability

Billerud is challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future and this mission describes the purpose of Billerud's business operations. Profitable growth is essential when challenging less sustainable packaging materials and solutions over time. In order to deliver profitable growth, a goal-oriented and intensive work is being undertaken. Billerud's employees are the people that, with a customer focus, are driving the change that is needed to realise the strategy and achieve our ultimate purpose - a sustainable future.

For further information on Billerud’s business strategy, see the company’s website

A prerequisite for the successful implementation of Billerud's business strategy and safeguarding of Billerud's long-term interests, including its sustainability, is that Billerud is able to recruit and retain qualified employees with high competence and capacity to achieve set goals. Billerud will challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future – and it is Billerud's talented and high-performing employees that are the people driving the change that is needed to realise the strategy and achieve this purpose. To achieve this, it is necessary that Billerud offers competitive total remuneration which creates incentives for senior executives. The goal is to create incentives to promote Billerud's business strategy and long-term interests, deliver exceptional results and to link incentives for key persons within BillerudKorsnäs with the shareholders' interests. These guidelines enable this objective and that EMT members can be offered a competitive total remuneration.

Types of remuneration, etc.

Billerud shall be on market terms as regards compensation levels and terms of employment. The remuneration shall consist of the following components: fixed cash salary, variable cash remuneration, pension benefits and other benefits. Furthermore, the general meeting may resolve on, among other things, share and share price-related remuneration. 

The variable cash remuneration to the EMT members is paid based on outcomes in relation to clearly stated goals and shall amount to a maximum of 70 percent of their respective annual fixed cash salary. Reflecting current market conditions, the variable cash remuneration for members of the EMT employed in the U.S. may amount to a maximum of 150 percent of their respective annual fixed cash salary.

Further variable cash remuneration may be awarded in extraordinary circumstances, provided that such extraordinary arrangements are only made on an individual basis, either for the purpose of recruiting or retaining EMT members, or as remuneration for extraordinary performance beyond the individual's ordinary tasks. Such remuneration may not exceed an amount corresponding to 100 percent of the annual fixed cash salary, and 150 percent of the annual fixed cash salary for members of the EMT employed in the U.S. Any resolution on such remuneration shall be made by the board based on a proposal from the remuneration committee.

Decisions on long-term share and share price-related remuneration are made by the general meeting – irrespective of these guidelines. Long-term share and share price-related remuneration shall be designed to ensure long-term commitment to Billerud's development and in order for the CEO and EMT members to have a significant, long-term shareholding in Billerud. The outcome of the long-term share and share price-related remuneration shall be linked to certain predetermined performance criteria based on Billerud's share price and/or results. 

The board may also, in order to meet market conditions and to reasonable administrative complexity, offer the members of the EMT employed in the U.S., participation in cash based long-term incentive programs linked to achievement of pre-determined financial performance targets. The maximum outcome shall have a pre-determined cap amounting to no more than 150 percent of the annual fixed cash salary.

More information about these programs, including the criteria for the outcome, are available on the company's website­Us/Corporate­Governance/ under the headings "Long-term incentive programs" and "Remuneration".


Pension benefits shall be defined contribution. The pension premiums for defined contribution pension shall amount to a maximum of 35 percent of the annual fixed cash salary. Variable cash remuneration shall qualify for pension benefits to the extent required by mandatory collective agreement provisions. Other benefits may include, for example, life insurance, medical insurance (Sw: sjukvårdsförsäkring) and company car. Premiums and other costs related to such benefits may amount to no more than 40 percent of the annual fixed cash salary.

The decision-making process to determine, review and implement the guidelines

The board has established a remuneration committee. The committee's tasks include preparing the board's decision to propose guidelines for executive remuneration. The guidelines shall be in force until new guidelines are adopted by the general meeting. The board shall prepare a proposal for new guidelines where material changes of the guidelines become necessary, and in any case at least every fourth year and submit it to the general meeting.

The remuneration committee shall also monitor and evaluate programs for variable remuneration for the Executive Management Team, the application of the guidelines for executive remuneration as well as the current remuneration structures and compensation levels in Billerud. The members of the remuneration committee are independent of the company and its Executive Management Team. The CEO and EMT members do not participate in the board's processing of and resolutions regarding remuneration-related matters if they are affected by such matters.

For employments governed by rules other than Swedish, pension benefits and other benefits may be duly adjusted for compliance with mandatory rules or established local practice, taking into account, to the extent possible, the overall purpose of these guidelines.

Criteria for awarding variable cash remuneration, etc.

The variable cash remuneration shall be linked to predetermined and measurable criteria which can be financial or non-financial. They may also be individualised, quantitative or qualitative objectives. The objectives for the group for variable cash remuneration may change from year to year depending on the group's focus areas and strategic decisions. 

To which extent the criteria for awarding variable cash remuneration has been satisfied shall be evaluated/determined when the measurement period has ended. The remuneration committee is responsible for the evaluation so far as it concerns variable remuneration to the CEO. For variable cash remuneration to other EMT members, the CEO is responsible for the evaluation. For financial objectives, the evaluation shall be based on the latest financial information made public by Billerud.

Variable cash remuneration shall only be paid provided that Billerud's operating profit is positive, and the remuneration committee shall only use its discretion to decide on variable remuneration in accordance with the goals set out above in a way that implies that there is a link between such compensation and Billerud's result.

Salary and employment conditions for employees

In the preparation of the board's proposal for these remuneration guidelines, salary and employment conditions for employees of Billerud have been taken into account by including information on the employees' total income, the components of the remuneration and increase and growth rate over time, in the remuneration committee's and the board's basis of decision when evaluating whether the guidelines and the limitations set out herein are reasonable. The development of the gap between the remuneration to senior executives and remuneration to other employees will be disclosed in the remuneration report. 

Termination of employment

In the event of termination of employment of an EMT member, a notice period of a maximum of twelve months and a right to severance pay corresponding to a maximum of the fixed cash salary for one year if the employment is terminated by Billerud. When termination is made by an EMT member, the notice period may not exceed six months, without any right to severance pay. In order to meet market conditions, in relation to members of the EMT employed in the U.S., Billerud can apply severance pay corresponding to a maximum of 18 months fixed cash salary if the employment is terminated by Billerud and similar situations.

Remuneration to board members elected by general meetings

Board members elected by general meetings in Billerud shall in special cases be able to be remunerated for services within their respective areas of expertise, which do not constitute board work in Billerud Aktiebolag. For these services, a market-based fee shall be paid, which must be approved by the board.

Derogation from the guidelines

The board may temporarily resolve to derogate from the guidelines, in whole or in part, if in a specific case there is special cause for the derogation and a derogation is necessary to serve Billerud's long-term interests, including its sustainability, or to ensure Billerud's financial viability. As set out above, the remuneration committee's tasks include preparing the board's resolutions in remuneration-related matters. This includes any resolutions to derogate from the guidelines.


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