Packaging inspired by nature

Nature undisturbed is a perfectly balanced system. So what better inspiration to have when designing sustainable packaging? Just like the peel on an apple, D-Sack® is actually part of the product and disappears when the concrete is mixed.

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From apple peel to nutshells, everything in nature comes in perfect packaging that is either consumed or decomposes quickly. In contrast, most of the things we consume and build have a much higher impact on the environment and – ultimately – the climate.

We are part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution.
Niklas Nillroth - a famouse Swedish industry leader

A famous Swedish industry leader once said “We are part of the problem – but we are also part of the solution”. At BillerudKorsnäs we believe that all aspects of packaging can be improved, and that packaging solutions have an important role to play in creating a sustainable future. Inspired by nature we have created D-Sack – a paper cement sack that protects its contents – but is effectively “consumed” when the concrete is mixed.

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Packaging that disappears when used

D-Sack disappears as the paper disintegrates in the mixer, just like apple peel is ground down by teeth. The miniscule pieces of paper then become part of the concrete structure – which traps the carbon dioxide bound during tree growth. Carbon dioxide that otherwise would have had a climate impact. In fact, in a 100-year perspective this makes D-Sack a carbon sink and gives it a 30% lower climate impact than a regular paper sack. *

That’s us giving back to nature.

*Life Cycle Assessment, Report U5052, IVL, 2016 

Key facts

Climate impact
30% lower than a regular paper sack
Packaging waste

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D-Sack is the result of years of dedicated research and our first packaging solution that actually has a climate-positive impact.

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