Let´s co-create the future

At Billerud we are challenging conventional packaging
for a sustainable future. But not just by keeping to ourselves.
We are convinced that working together with other companies, research institutes and partners is the best way to new thinking for better packaging materials, solutions and a circular approach.

That is why we are joining forces with the world's leading experts on technology, design, brand and more to break new ground. Driven by our curiosity, we believe that change starts with finding new perspectives and asking questions: What if fibre-based solutions could reduce plastics in our oceans? And what if smart product features could enable packaging beyond imagination? By co-creating the future of packaging, we open new doors and help improve everyday life. Welcome to join us on our journey.

Innovation Projects

The Paper Bottle

A paper bottle in every hand – that’s what the future holds if the paper bottle project succeeds. Our collaboration with Paboco, the paper bottle company, an innovation spearhead initiative launched in 2019 with a sole purpose – to continue and fulfill the making of a paper bottle with the potential to change an entire industry and improve everyday life. As a project collaborator, Billerud is one of several world-leading players sharing our joint expertise in materials, barriers, design and technology. Working closely together with the Paboco community of pioneering brand owners, our shared vision is to create the world's first 100 percent recyclable paper bottle for liquid content and even carbonated beverages.


A 180° bendable paper straw for drink packaging that are strong, last long without dissolving, and which are bendable without breaking – that is something the world has been waiting for. The U-Bend straw is a patented solution and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws. This is a user-friendly alternative for your everyday drinks. The end users will be consumers buying individual drink cartons filled with juice, milk or water. The U-Bend straw has been developed in partnership with the Paper Straw Co.


Billerud FibreForm Caps is an innovative alternative to the traditional metal caps used for sparkling wine around the world. It looks just as good as metal including embossing and excellent print quality, but is made of 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable primary fibre paper from well-managed forests.


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