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Creating value by challenging packaging conventions

Billerud helps reduce its customers’ climate impact by inspiring them to make the best and most sustainable packaging choices with confidence. Because at Billerud, we understand that the right packaging materials and solutions can be important tools to help us achieve a more sustainable future. That’s why we challenge packaging conventions, from how fibres are selected and materials are produced, to the way we create value for our customers.

Billerud is a world leading company in high performing paper and packaging materials made from virgin fiber – passionately committed to sustainability, quality, and customer value. Together with our customers, we work towards a future where lighter, stronger, more durable and sustainable packaging is no longer an exception – but the natural choice. Therefore, our decisions today are always guided by the promise of creating a better tomorrow.

In short, we are here to lead the way, not just when it comes to challenging conventional packaging – but challenging conventional business. It’s only when you have tomorrow in mind that you’ll do your very best today.

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