Safety first

Safety is the foundation of all our efforts, and at Billerud, we want to engage all our employees in preventing incidents and accidents.

Our goal is for all our employees to leave their work shifts in the same condition as when they arrived. We believe that an inclusive work culture, where we all care about each other's physical and mental well-being, is an important part of promoting a safe work environment.

At Billerud, we offer a variety of safety and occupational health training programs. We have various occupational health training programs that are linked to legal requirements, as well as training specific to different roles, including more general safety training that provides information on how we work safely and develop our safety culture.

Meet some of our health and safety experts

Meet Johanna – our Manager OHS and Management systems

She collaborates with colleagues to raise the safety culture and to ensure that all employees work towards the same goal of preventing risks.

Meet Erik – our Service Manager IT Network & Security

In an increasingly digital world, it is important to have the right security measures, and Erik is an expert in protecting our IT infrastructure.

Did you know..

…globally, we conduct an average of 2400 formal safety walks annually led by our mill management. In addition, even more safety walks are conducted by supervisors and department heads.

…in Europe, we have reduced our absenteeism related to on-the-job accidents by 34% since 2014.

…we start all of our meetings, company-wide, with a safety message where we reflect personally on our safety work and/or remind each other about safety routines. That’s a lot of meetings!

…before a visitor enters our production facilities, they are provided with a helmet and a reflective vest and receive a safety briefing from their host.

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