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Make your package sing

Think beyond everything that is sensible, practical and rational. Just think visual impact and eye candy, qualities that fascinate and inspire curiosity. You want your brand to excite and seduce the consumer. That’s when you want to add the little extras. This is how.

A perfect printing surface
It begins with a super-smooth, high-white printing surface. This image is printed in a regular 4-colour offset process. Thanks to the fine surface, graphics and images have sharp detail, great contrast and life-like colour reproduction. To achieve this excellent printability, Billerud White features a 3-layer clay coating.

Dazzling eye candy
The real thing. You can make jewels look so real that they could be picked off the package. These are, first of all, printed in 4-colour offset. Then they are embossed – raised in relief from the flat surface. In addition, they are each high-lighted with glossy UV varnish. The surface of Billerud White is perfect for these effects. What’s more, it is so tough and strong that it allows for deep embossing without risk of cracks. And it stands up to post treatment in several machine processes.     

A sense of depth
Multiple effects. There are several ways of jazzing up any 4-colour image to make it lively and sparkling. Here, we have added both glossy UV varnish on selected spots and gold flakes for the shine. Plus a relief-effect varnish with a swell to it to create a sense of 3D.

Fast production with great results
Die cut and digital print. There is die cutting and die cutting. And it does not only come down to the sharpness of the knives, but also to the structure of the paperboard. You want the cut edges to look fine and clean in the tear stripes, windows and cut-outs. Billerud paperboards have a strong structure that does not delaminate. This piece is a small, cut-out package. The pattern is printed in a digital process.

Rich and vibrant
Glowing colour. With a printing surface like that of Billerud White you can go wild. Let it all out and let the vibrant colours shine. In this case the printer used a fifth ink – the fluorescent Pantone PMS 805. It glows! You ought to try it some time.

Strong and reliable
No tears when tearing. Tear strips are made by means of die cutting. They make for an easy way to open a package. If the tear strip does not break, that is. Or delaminate. You want strong and tough material. This example shows tear strips that are integrated into the printed pattern. It is regular 4-colour offset printing. 

The print is, as always, sealed with a thin coat of  water-based, environmentally friendly print varnish.

Die cut and gold foil
Striking gold. The hexagon is made of gold foil. Gold foil looks exclusive and elaborate. It has a shiny surface quality to it, offering interesting contrasts. 
This hexagon is also die cut, to work as a flap that can be opened. For the flap to be opened and closed without breaking, you need two things: a tough material and a creasing at the fold. This flap opens up to reveal…

... A gem!
 This jewel is made of hologram foil to mimic the cut facets of a diamond. Hologram foil comes in a vast number of eye-catching varieties. A sure way to spice up your package. 

The purple background is 4-colour offset print.

Laser-cut pattern
Delicate detail. For fine, intricately cut patterns you need something other than a die tool. The piece in the picture is laser cut. The advantage is the delicate result, the precision in detail. The drawback is the fact that this technique is only available at a few specialists, which can have an implication on lead-times. Which, in turn, calls for good planning.

Thousands of foils to choose from
Undercover cartonboard. Full-cover foil is usually done with cold foil stamping (cold foil printing). The foil is a thin adhesive, applied in a foil printer. The best substrate for application of foil is one with a smooth, glossy surface. Such as cartonboard from Billerud.

Deep embossing
An unprinted picture. This packaging cityscape is rendered with embossing only. It is what we call blind embossing. The tough and strong cartonboard allows for deep embossing – corresponding to 50% of the material thickness – which enables great, distinct results without risk ofcracking. The embossing in this sample is made in three levels, for a more lifelike relief effect.

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