Our production units

Stable production produces high quality in deliveries to customers. Billerud is investing in increasing and securing availability of the Group’s combined production capacity.

Our production units in Europe are located in Grums just outside Karlstad, Skärblacka near Norrköping, Karlsborg a few miles east of Kalix, Gävle on the Swedish east coast, In Frövi/Rockhammar south of Lindesberg, and in Jakobstad along the Gulf of Botnia in Finland.

In North America, our mills are located in Escanaba and Quinnesec, on Michigan's Upper Peninsula, as well as along the Wisconsin River in Wisconsin, in the US.

Mills in Europe


In Gruvön, cup stock, fluting, formable paper, kraft paper, liners, sack paper and liquid packaging board are produced.


At Karlsborg, we primarily produce Kraft Paper, Sack Paper, Formable Paper (FibreForm®) and Pulp.


At our facilities in Frövi and Rockhammar, we primarily produce cartonboard and liquid packaging board.


In Skärblacka, white machine glazed kraft paper, brown sack paper and fluting is produced.


In Gävle, liquid carton and liners are produced. In addition, Billerud Skog's (forestry) staff office is located in the area.

Pietarsaari (Jakobstad)

In Pietarsaari world-leading kraft- and sack paper is produced for food packaging and carrier bags as well as for technical applications.

Mills in North America


Home of Billerud’s Escanaba mill, Escanaba, where we mainly produce graphic and specialty papers.


The Quinnesec Mill has continued to thrive as the economic anchor of Dickinson County. Here we mainly produce graphic and specialty papers.

Wisconsin Rapids

The Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility converts rolls of paper into folio and digital sheet.

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