Drawing on six decades of know-how, Billerud's liquid packaging board ensures the pristine condition of liquid packaging products, offering a neutral barrier against taints and odors. Designed with the end consumer in mind, its stability and ease of use are matched by a superior surface that brings brand visuals to life.


Ensure food safety and preserve the freshness of consumer products with our taint and odor neutral liquid packaging board.


Improve your sustainability performance through our liquid packaging board with the industry´s lowest CO2 footprint.

Broad Portfolio

Enhance competitiveness by offering the industry´s broadest liquid packaging board portfolio to your customers.

Supply Flexibility

Experience superior supply reliability thanks to Billerud´s multiple board machines and flexibility.

A broad perspective on sustainability

By being in the forefront of sustainability development and innovation we supply liquid packaging board with the industry´s lowest CO2 footprint. We constantly focus on reducing our environmental impact. One of many improvements is the reduction of fossil fuel being used in our worldwide operations. Billerud’s European production is already 98% fossil free. Our goal now is to make production completely fossil free.

Safe and Strong Liquid Packaging Board

With the industry's longest experience in supplying roll-fed board, we take pride in being one of the main suppliers of liquid packaging board to leading packaging producers worldwide. Persistently, we work to ensure a seamless supply and to deliver our customers stable and high-quality liquid packaging board that meets their demands.

Your reliable business partner

As your reliable business partner, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive technical support every step of the way. From proactive consultations to hands-on assistance, we offer a complete service package tailored to your needs. Whether supervising trial runs, troubleshooting issues, or ensuring productivity and quality results, we are here to support your business journey all the way.

Why Billerud's liquid packaging board?

We supply liquid packaging board with the industry´s lowest CO2 footprint

Billerud stands out as an industry leader among all its LPB competitors, particularly in terms of direct and indirect fossil emissions (Scope 1 & 2). Our European mills lead the way, boasting a high share of renewable energy and achieving high electricity self-sufficiency. Notably, Billerud has set one of the most ambitious targets in the industry for reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions. Leveraging our strong position on low GHG emissions in Scope 1+2+3, we are committed to supporting our customers in reaching their Scope 3 targets.


The broadest portfolio in the industry

We have a unique liquid packaging board offer to support the various needs of our customers. Our wide range of qualitative board provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage by enabling them to offer a diverse array of products to their end customers. By being able to cater to a broader audience and adapt to varying consumer demands, our customers can stay ahead of the competition, differentiate themselves in the market and thereby strengthen their market position.


Unique supply flexibility

Two-thirds of our delivered volume can be produced on multiple machines. This unique capacity and reliable supply ensures a seamless delivery to our customers' end customers. With the capability to adapt to changing demands and maintain consistency in service, we provide uninterrupted support throughout our customers value chain. Our rigourous and regular reviews of our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) gives us the opportunity to ensure this secured supply to our customers.


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