Making sustainable choices shouldn’t mean making compromises. That’s why our packaging materials and solutions are not only more sustainable, but lighter, stronger and more durable too. Because we believe all aspects of packaging can always be improved and that the right packaging solutions can become essential tools to help you achieve a more sustainable future. With that in mind - let us help you go more sustainable.

Three easy ways

Sustainability or performance? With our focus on protection, lightweighting and optimization to reduce waste and CO2 emissions, we can help you achieve both. Here are three easy ways Billerud can help you reach your sustainability goals.

Switch to paper

For any brand using plastic packaging, this is essential. Paper from virgin fibers is strong, clean, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. You should always avoid hard-to-recycle packaging like plastics, polybags, cable ties and EPS (foam blocks). The issues of littering, pollution and natural resources will shape future regulations and legislation. We are ready to help your brand today

Reduce packaging

Consider switching to our exceptionally strong packaging board and papers. This enables lighter and thinner packaging, even for heavy-duty applications, which reduces cost without sacrificing performance. And above all, it results in a lower carbon footprint. Transportation and logistics get more efficient as you decrease weight and the amount of air transported.

Get a sustainable supply chain

Billerud is, according to the Dow Jones Index, one of the world’s most sustainable packaging companies. We are 98% fossil free in our European production thanks to biofuels, and certified according to FSC® and PEFC™ standards. Our wood raw materials come from sustainably managed forests, and we help forest owners become certified through our group certificates. Work with us, so together we can displace more CO2 per year.


Every day we work on hundreds of projects that lead to lighter, stronger and more sustainable packaging. Regularly, you will find a new story showcased here.


Cut your losses with stronger packaging materials from Billerud

36% of all our food gets lost or wasted every year. With better packaging solutions, you can increase your profits and lower your CO2-emissions.


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Good things come in good packaging


Billerud has a wide variety of activities. We produce paper packaging materials, we advise our customers in packaging solutions, and we innovate. But whatever we do, we put sustainability first. Paper is by nature a sustainable, renewable, reusable and recyclable product. But it can always be used, and produced, a little better.
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Sustainable products – Packaging that works

Improve your sustainability commitment with our packaging solutions. They will meet your key business needs and make a positive impact on the environment. Our focus on protection, light-weighting, and optimization aims to reduce waste and lower CO2 emissions, ensuring your packaging aligns with a sustainable future.

Sustainable advisory – Reach your goals

Help your business achieve its sustainability goals with our advisory services. We guide you through packaging regulations, reporting, supply chain strategy, and product choices. So, you can make informed decisions to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Sustainable innovations – With tomorrow in mind

Billerud is passionately commited to both sustainability and innovation. Every day we work hard on projects with the potential for systemic impact, enabling our customers to take control of their sustainability agenda.


Forward-looking innovation projects with potential for systemic impact is our way of securing our – and your – place at the cutting edge of sustainability development.

Read about our 98% fossil-free European production, and how we aim higher.

We love biofuel

Learn about sustainable forestry and how our supply chain will help yours.

We build clean growth

Learn about the committed sustainability work that made us lead the packaging industry.

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What's your business?

Every business is unique. Through innovation, we have created thousands of special solutions for customers. We specialise in helping these sectors to lower their carbon footprint:

Food & Beverage

Our food-safe materials are strong, recyclable and certified for direct food contact. Learn more

Consumer & Luxury

The strength of our materials enables you to use less packaging – without sacrificing consumer experience. Learn more


The strength of our containerboard and kraft paper makes a difference in tough industrial environments. Learn more

Medical & Hygiene

Our kraft papers meet the high demands of medical packaging by combining strength, well-balanced porosity and a protective barrier. Learn more

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