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Gift box for confectionery, converted and printed on Billerud Artisan 270 gsm. The clever and interesting design of the open/close function adds to the impression of quality. Billerud Artisan is a strong cartonboard that combines quality, printability and a unique smooth and silky feel. Highly suited for exclusive confectionery, health and beauty products, perfume and cosmetics.

Haptic quality
A new dimension to consumer experience is the silky, smooth, light-coated surface. This means more pleasure beyond the visual impact. The unique smoothness of Billerud Artisan adds one more reason for brand preference. 

Smart design
This package is full of surprises. The open/close features are unexpected. The four compartments inside are bright and colourful, as a contrast to the elegant exterior. The structural design uses no glue, although the package has moving parts. And thanks to the tough material, the package can be opened and closed a great many times without breaking.

Excellent print results
A tinge of cream emphasizes the soft character of the surface. It is a warmer shade than a perfect high whiteness. Yet print results are stunning. You get vibrant colour, perfect reproduction of hi-res images and very distinctive print. And with a slightly matt surface, the contrasting effect of shiny foils and varnishes just gets greater.

Effects and techniques

  • Die-cut and folded
  • Offset printing using seven solid inks:
    PMS 376, PMS 477, Cool Grey 11, PMS 324, PMS 226, PMS 1205, and PMS 155
  • Two foils for décor and text (one glossy transparent and one opaque metallic)
  • Matt water-based print varnish

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