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Use touch to make memories

Remember your mother’s calming hand when you fell and grazed your knee? Brands can create lasting memories in the same way – through the tactile design of packaging. Learn why and how in our free guide.

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The significance of memory

Memories are a fundamental part of the human experience and provide you with a sense of self. They add familiarity and a feeling of comfort towards people, surroundings and things – while tying together your past with your present and providing a framework for the future.

Creating memories together

Our most cherished relationships – with a spouse, friends or family – create our lasting memories. These memories strengthen relationships and lengthen their endurance. They also help deepen bonds, increase shared joy and vitality.

We often underestimate the role that everyday objects play in creating these shared memories. Whether it’s having coffee with your best friend or buying a present for your mother – every detail matters. Think about it. The cups, trays or packaging add to the experience. Sometimes they even end up on our desks, like the takeaway coffee cups we grab on our way to work.

Brands have a unique chance to take part in consumers’ lives and memories in a positive and interactive way. One way to do this is by utilizing the sense of touch to create intimate, sensory experiences through packaging.

 Creating memories together with customers

Studies have shown people transfer perceived tactile qualities of a product to a brand’s perceived personality . This is no different for packaging – often the first point of contact between a consumer and brand. Tactile elements like 3D embossing can help brands stand out on store shelves and help consumers remember the brand through haptic memory, much in the same way people create memories with others.

But what is it about touch that makes it have such a significant impact on consumers? And how can tactile elements of packaging induce these positive memories, bonds and ultimately loyalty? Download our free guide to find out.

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