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Proven to be cool

Rushing to the train, grabbing a cup of coffee – and not quite getting a grip because it is too hot. We’ve all been there. In the past the solution could be an extra sleeve, or unsustainable Styrofoam. Enter FibreForm® – where deep embossing in the paper insulates. Don’t believe it? See it with your own eyes.

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FibreForm is a uniquely formable paper that can be embossed up to ten times deeper than regular paper. When used as a creatively designed sleeve on a cup, air trapped in the embossing effectively insulates and protects against high temperatures.

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A thermographic test

But to be really sure that FibreForm insulates against hot coffee, we decide to put it into test. To this end, we used an advanced thermographic camera and compared the heat emissions from two cups: One with FibreForm sleeve, and one without.


Keeping hands cool

Even more important, we used the camera to investigate what happened to the hands that held the different cups. Look for yourself – FibreForm is a truly cool material, in many ways.

*The Retail Packaging Blog from Mid-Atlantic Packaging (2018) 2014 Contract Packaging Association research and the Paper Worker. The Retail Packaging Blog.

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