Our brand

The Billerud brand plays a crucial role in strengthening the relevance of our company and offering, setting us apart from other companies in our industry, and creating value for customers and society. We work actively to clarify and strengthen the brand with these and other stakeholders.

To consistently build on our purpose and create value across all business contexts, we utilize Billerud as both our corporate and commercial brand. The Billerud brand is therefore always the primary sender in corporate communications as well as marketing communications, infusing values such as sustainability, high performance and trust, and acting as an endorser in product marketing. This approach ensures that all parts of our organization operate under the same brand, sharing core assets like brand identity and strategic messaging.

Here's why we choose to operate under one brand:

  • To build one coherent, clear and strong brand.
  • To facilitate efficient brand management across the business.
  • To create synergies across different business and communication contexts.
  • To contribute to the development of a unified corporate culture (“One Billerud”).

Our brand strategy aims to manifest and strengthen Billerud’s position as a world-leading company in sustainable and high-performing paper and packaging materials. Asserting this position will ultimately result in a brand experience that contributes to the creation of sustainable growth, a primary goal of Billerud’s strategy.

Strengthening our brand

In building the Billerud brand, we actively work to clarify and strengthen it with customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Through our brand, we aim to convey what we stand for, our corporate values, and the value we create for customers and society through our leading sustainability credentials, our outstanding product performance, and reliable customer commitment.

Our brand building efforts involve brand and corporate communications, marketing communications, IR activities and employer branding activities.

To establish recognition and connection with our stakeholders, maintaining a clear and coherent image of our company is key. To achieve this, we have developed a brand platform, including a brand and visual identity with a set of distinct brand assets. It guides how we express Billerud and ensures consistency across all communications.