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When you do your thesis project with us, you get the chance to apply your knowledge in an exciting environment where we constantly challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. At Billerud, we are always interested in connecting with curious and innovative students who want to challenge conventions together with us!


Doing your thesis project with us is a great way to get to know us as your potential future employer while also having the opportunity to develop and showcase your skills. As a thesis worker, you will have the chance to work closely with many talented individuals and experts. At Billerud, our core values are central to everything we do, and we believe that you, as a potential candidate, can identify with our values – place the customer in the center, dare to Innovate, care for each other, drive change.

Degree projects can be carried out in several of our areas

At Billerud, we offer several paths to a thesis project. We continuously post completed proposals for thesis projects at all our facilities on the Vacant degree projects page.

Open programs

For us at Billerud, it is important that your thesis project with us aligns with your education, interests, and our operations. We highly encourage hearing your own idea for a thesis project at Billerud.

Below, you will find some suggestions for areas.

Strength is the basic property of almost all our present and future products. Good strength allows for the production of lighter, more sustainable packages. It is also vital for sustainability since strong paper products can compete better with non-sustainable alternatives such as plastic and due to that strong paper products contribute to minimal loss of goods during packaging, transport and storage. In this area, the Product Innovation team develops new technologies to enhance the superiority of our products.

Our focus areas include the treatment of fibres and fibre networks through refining and fibrillation, an increase knowledge of the differences between different fibres and how to maximize their potential, and chemical modification with cross-linking. The fiber network can also be strengthened with different additives, preferably fibre based. Finally, the added value of stronger paper and boards need to be shown in relation to the package. In that sense, predictive failure within the areas of creasing, folding, and 3D-forming are also necessary to develop the right product for the right application.

Contact Christophe Barbier, program manager, if you are interested to perform your thesis work within this field.


Food packaging always has some type of built-in protection. UV-light and mechanical protection can be taken care of by the cartonboard. To keep the food fresh and safe, barriers against for example liquid, grease, water vapor and oxygen are also required. Traditionally, plastics and aluminium foil were used for these purposes. These materials are very effective as barrier materials, but, at the same time, their impacts on carbon footprint and cost of packaging are very large. To make a decisive contribution to sustainability, Billerud is dedicated to challenge conventional packaging by creating circular and sustainable food packaging.

Our focus areas include research and development of water based polymer systems, fillers and coating technologies. The paper or paperboard used for barrier coating must be optimized for best film formation, hold-out and surface roughness. Recently, we made large investments in multi-layer curtain coating and vacuum coating technologies. We intend to use this new equipment to develop high barrier, recyclable and circular packaging papers and boards.

Contact Johan Larsson, program manager, if you are interested to perform your thesis work within this field.

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