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With a taste for really strong packaging

For the launch of M&S Curry Kit, the demands on the packaging were many. Consumer appeal and high visual impact. Good exposure of the contents of the kit – spices, paste and sauce in a three-in-one pack. And a design with sustainability in mind.


Strong and sturdy cartonboard material is required, to allow for big apertures without risk of ripping or breaking at the edges.

Shelf impact

The strength and printability of Billerud Carry ensure presence on the shelf, visual impact and consumer appeal.


Using as little cartonboard material as possible, the design combines maximum visibility, low cost and low environmental impact.

Strong flavour, strong pack



Firstly, will the pack be strong enough? Although the pack design fixes the jars tightly, they are still prone to shift when in transit. The cartonboard material has to be very tough, especially since one important objective was to use as little material as possible. Secondly, strength has to combine with premium printing properties on the top side to stand out on the shelf.


A clever structural design and a clever choice of packaging material. BillerudKorsnäs Carry is an immensely strong material – multi-layered and made of long, pliable primary wood fibres. It is a climate-smart material derived from a renewable source. And it features a triple-coated, high-white printing surface for vibrant colour, contrast, detail and life-like colour reproduction.


Good protection of contents, reduced amount of cartonboard material, and positive feedback from brand owner and consumers. Sales increased thanks to clear and eye-catching design. Furthermore, low environmental impact, efficient line production, and two prestigious awards so far: the ProCarton ECMA Award and StarPack Award.

“We have long experience of using BillerudKorsnäs Carry. In this case our designer chose it solely for its strength, to ensure the integrity of the pack.”

Shaun Bond, Firstan Ltd


“Refinement of existing gable-top format with clever engineering. Cost-effective – jars become part of outer design. Bespoke look using standard format carton. No need for additional materials. Great impact on shelf.”

Judges’ comments, StarPack Award

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