In Gävle, liquid carton and liners are produced. In addition, Billerud Skog's staff office is located in the area.

About Gävle

Our production facility in Gävle, in eastern Gästrikland, is a world-leading manufacturer of liquid carton for packaging of beverages and food products intended for users with very high demands on stability and printability. The facility also produces white top kraftliner, the outer printable layer of corrugated cardboard boxes, which meet stringent demands on runability and printability in customers’ conversion processes. The liquid carton is used as foodproof packaging for example, milk, water, juice, sports drinks, smoothies and tea drinks as well as for preserved foods for example crushed tomatoes, beans and sauces. Material to about 200 million beverage containers (singel portion) is produced in Gävle each day, which means that every fourth beverage container in the world contains liquid carton made by Billerud in Gävle.


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Production capacity: 740 000 tonnes/year

Number of employees: 900

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The Gävle Mill has its roots in Korsnäs Sågverks Aktiebolag, founded in Dalarna in 1855. 1899, the operations moved from Dalarna to Kastet's industrial area in Gävle. By that time, Swedens by far biggest industrial move of 2,000 people, machines and entire buildings. In 1920, the production of pulp began and in 1925 the first paper machine was built.


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Angelica Lindholm 
Communication Manager

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Mill director

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Manager environment

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Environmental Engineering

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HR manager

Billerud Gävle
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