We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. That is why we are proactively taking the lead in the transition to a circular society with packaging solutions that are renewable, recyclable and climate efficient.

Our story

The need for packaging is rapidly increasing every year. Most of today’s packaging is made from non-renewable materials, such as plastic, which contribute to more CO2e emissions. We want to change this by making packaging material out of renewable fibers from responsible sources. Packaging that not only protects food and products so that less go to waste, but also can be recycled and used again.

Billerud is uniquely positioned to drive the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy based on renewable and recyclable raw material from the forest. But to make this a reality, we need to actively push for change where we can contribute the most. During the coming years, we are therefore focusing our sustainability efforts within the following three areas:

Safety first

The foundation of stable production and a zero-injury workplace.

Climate impact

Combatting global warming is the critical issue of our time, and a strategic priority for us.

Materials for the future

We drive the transition to a circular economy based on renewable and recyclable materials.

All this is made possible by the fact that what we do is based on a sustainable foundation. With our sustainable wood supply, engaging workplaces, resource-efficient production and close relationship with suppliers and customers, we can proudly establish a sustainable and responsible value chain.

We challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future, and we have the know-how, foundation, and partnerships to do it. We strive for a future in which we are not dependent on fossil resources, and where sustainable options are no longer the exception, but the natural choice.

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