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Good food deserves good packaging

Atria’s new chicken cold cuts under the Lönneberga brand are packaged on FibreForm trays. The material and packaging expertise is supplied by Billerud and the branding and design by Grow. Watch the movie about a partnership that challenges conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

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White meat has a lower climate impact than red meat. So, when Atria – one of the leading meat and food companies in Northern Europe – decided to launch three new varieties of chicken cold cut, the choice of packaging material came natural. The FibreForm trays will make a welcome sustainable addition to the mountain of plastic in grocery stores.

Climate smart food needs climate smart packaging to match
Johanna Nathhorst, Brand Manager, Atria

Not only is FibreForm renewable and recyclable – lines used to produce plastic trays can be switched almost seamlessly to FibreForm, making it even easier to choose Atria. Design and brand agency Grow supported Atria in seeing the clear connection between the megatrend of replacing single-use plastic packaging on the shelves in stores and the Lönneberga brand.

This is a switch many brands can and should make. FibreForm is a more sustainable alternative to plastic, it’s food-safe and allows for print on both sides
Annica Rasch, Director Formable Solutions, Billerud

The three varieties of chicken Atria is launching include one smoked with Alder wood chips, one glazed with honey and orange and one with herbs. The launch follows a 50% increase in demand for white meat such as chicken in the past two years.

We see a trend towards products that are sustainable, smart and seamless – that bring purpose into the lives of the consumers. This product – with this packaging – docks perfectly into that
Sebastian Tarkowski, Innovation Catalyst, Grow

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