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The smooth way to pack the goodies

New brand identity. New visual expression. New sustainability strategy. And of course, new packaging for the company’s best-selling product: the Delicato Ball – Delicatobollen.

A sustainable choice

Billerud Artisan is made of primary fibre from a renewable source. Recyclable, compostable.

Artisan is pure

The taste-free and odour-free cartonboard meets the highest hygiene requirements, and complies with ISO standards for food safety.


Choose a lower grammage. Tough, strong board combined with lean design means low cost and low environmental impact.


Delicato has set out to be Sweden’s most sustainable company in the confectionery industry. They have a history of quality products and ingredients. The cocoa purchased for the Delicatobollen is sourced within the Fairtrade Cocoa Program. They have implemented programmes for reducing organic waste. They only use electricity from renewable sources. They commit to good causes in society. It goes without saying that their sustainability work has to include the packaging as well.

After attending a Billerud sustainability event in Stockholm, Delicato approached Billerud with a request for a new solution for their B2C retail packaging. First in line was a new packaging concept for the six-pack of their bestselling coconutand- cocoa-flavoured Delicatobollen.


“We had a comprehensive and detailed requirement specification,” says Emma Norbäck, Sustainability and Quality Manager Delicato. “Since food safety is a priority for Billerud as it is for us, we could skip right to focusing on sustainability. We compared Billerud with other suppliers in all aspects of environmental performance. The sustainability department at Billerud could submit a lot of decisive data, such as EPD* of all products.”

At a workshop with Billerud’s Carton Solutions experts, key Delicato managers gave input to structural design, choice of material, and user-friendly features of the packaging. The aim was a packaging design with a visual expression that reflected brand identity and a better solution both for the consumer and the environment.


“The design work became an iterative process in that workshop,” says Sofia Brandberg, Marketing Manager Delicato. “We solved it together there and then. Carton Solutions gave valuable advice on userfriendly structural design, such as product visibility and the opening function – the tearstrip.” To emphasize visual identity, Delicato chose Billerud Artisan, a premium board featuring a matte surface with a smooth and silky tactile quality. “It has a great feel to it. And it’s matte, authentic, and natural. We wanted to move away from the glossy, artificial expressions,” says Sofia Brandberg. “In fact, Artisan is our first choice for all of our consumer packaging.”

After a year in the market, the relaunch and the new packaging design have proved successful both in terms of sales and consumer acceptance. “The choice of Billerud was a strategic decision,” says Emma Norbäck. “In our business, we
depend on reliable, long-term relationships. It's about offering more than just the best product, it's also about sharing our values and sustainability ambitions.”

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