Shape the future with Billerud FibreForm®

Stunning design

Billerud FibreForm® allows for up to ten times deeper embossing than regular paper, resulting in unique 3D effects and a memorable tactile experience.

Sustainable solution

Renewable and biodegradable, Billerud FibreForm is an alternative to plastic. As it is cold-formable, it requires less energy in production than plastics.

Safe and sustainable

When used as a sleeve on a paper cup, the deep embossing of Billerud FibreForm traps air, acting as thermal insulation against heat and cold.

At Billerud, we want to battle littering and food waste by replacing conventional packaging such as plastic moulded packaging solutions with sustainable and creative packaging. With our revolutionary 3D-formable Billerud FibreForm paper, we offer a low-carbon packaging alternative to 100% plastic containers and an exciting option for inspiring design of embossed cartons, containers, stand up pouches, blisters, trays and insulated paper cups.

Improve customer experience with superior cup sleeves

Enhance your customers’ experience with sustainable FibreForm paper cup sleeves. The superior thermal insulation of embossed paper protects hands and improves the comfort of your customers. Available in brown and white, our paper has amazing potential for customisation through detailed visual and tactile effects.

Replace plastic with strong and reusable paper bags

Respond to the environmental concerns of your consumers and show you take sustainability seriously. Ideal for reusable carrier bags, our extra-strong FibreForm paper is 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Replace plastic with food-safe paper trays

Meet the environmental demands of consumers and nurture brand loyalty with our food-safe paper trays. Made from fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable FibreForm paper, you can use up to 90% less plastic in your food packaging.

Sustainably made food-safe paper plates

Whether through regulation or consumer demand, the shift from single-use plastics to more sustainable materials is growing. Our fully renewable and recyclable FibreForm paper offers retailers, brands and converters the opportunity to adapt quickly to the changing disposable plate market.

Shaped Paper Pods transforms the way we look upon paper

Shaped Paper Pods is made from our FibreForm® material and is a packaging system for uniquely shaped and right-sized packaging. We offer sustainable solutions for desirable product samples, inserts, refills, portion packs and disposable packaging, long-awaited by brand owners with high environmental ambitions.

Touch hearts with FibreForm Board

Create memories with your packaging and nurture brand loyalty with a tactile and visual experience through our 3D cold-formable paper. FibreForm Board, the cartonboard version of FibreForm, can be embossed greater than three times the thickness of the board.

A 180° bendable paper straw for drink packaging

The U-Bend straw is a patented solution and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic straws. This is a user-friendly alternative for your everyday drinks. The end users will be consumers buying individual drink cartons filled with juice, milk or water. The U-Bend straw has been developed in partnership with the Paper Straw Co.

Learn more about our materials and solutions

We can help you create new formed paper packaging solutions, or optimise your current packaging. Our expertise and lab services range from insights in creative packaging trends and innovations, which we readily share with you, to scientific tests and analyses – giving you a truly competitive advantage.



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