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Billerud Flute® delivers more savings than expected

A Billerud customer in Spain discovered this after having a Technical seminar. They were convinced to evaluate Billerud Flute® of a lower grammage compared to current competitor material. The result: Savings both in terms of material consumption and sustainability.


Spain. 2017. BillerudKorsnäs BoxLab challenges a customer determined to improve the profitability of their business: “What if you can replace your current fluting with a lighter fluting, reducing material while retaining strength?”. The customer agrees and the tests begin.


To compare Billerud Flute 150 g/m2 with a 160 g/m2 competitor fluting, extensive box compression tests (BCT) were performed on a fruit and vegetable tray. BillerudKorsnäs BoxLab then evaluated the different materials in 50% RH and 90% RH. The task was to see how both flutings performed in different environments, taking the most important strength parameters into consideration.



The improved strength properties of Billerud Flute 150 g/m2 proved that even at a lower grammage it outperformed a competitor’s 160 g/m2 fluting. A clear indication that lightweighting can not only reduce material consumption without compromising on performance. It can potentially save money.


  • Billerud Flute 150 g/m2 gives you 6.7% more material per square metre compared to 160 g/m2
  • Reducing from 160 g/m2 to 150 g/m2 saves 63 tons per 1000 tons
    – This means that if you buy the same volume as before, 1000 tons, you get approximately 22 extra reels or 410,000 extra square metres
    – If you buy the same square metres as before, 937 tons, the savings in sustainability terms (reduced global warming potential CO2 excl. biogenic carbon) corresponds to driving a Volvo V70 1.4 times around the globe

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