Our business is organized into two geographic regions: Europe and North America.

Region Europe

Region Europe includes carton and paper products made of virgin fiber produced at the mills Gruvön, Gävle, Frövi, Skärblacka and Karlsborg in Sweden, and Jakobstad in Finland. Billerud produces liquid packaging board, kraft and specialty paper, containerboard, cartonboard, sack paper and market pulp in this region. These materials are sold in Europe and the rest of the world. The total production capacity is about 3.1 million tons per year.

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Region North America

Region North America includes products that are produced at the mills in Escanaba and Quinnesec in Michigan, USA, and a paper converting facility in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, USA. Billerud produces graphic and specialty paper, as well as market pulp in this region and sells the material mainly in the North American market. The total production capacity is about 1.1 million tons of paper and 200 thousand tons of pulp per year.

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Net sales per region (2023)

Net sales split Per cent
Region Europe 66
Region North America 28
Other 6

EBITDA split by region (2023)*

EBITDA split* Per cent
Region Europe 63
Region North America 37

*The Group’s EBITDA excluding EBITDA for Other and for currency hedging et cetera.