History of Billerud

A journey that goes back 150 years

Our roots and proud history in the forestry and paper industry extend back over 150 years. Since then, Billerud has evolved into a world-leading player in high-performance paper and packaging materials, characterized by sustainability, quality, and customer value. Today's Billerud is largely the result of the merger of Billerud and Korsnäs in 2012, but the name Billerud has its origins in the 1800s, and much has happened since then.

Billerud AB was established in 1883 in Säffle in Swedish Värmland for the production of sulfite pulp. Through expansions and acquisitions of other mills in Värmland, the company steadily grew in the early 20th century. The name Billerud persisted despite changes in ownership until 1996, and in 2001, it returned through the merger of the paper mills in Gruvön, Skärblacka, and Karlsborg. Expansion continued with the acquisition of the production unit in Beetham, United Kingdom, in 2004. However, the Beetham Mill was sold again in 2021.

Korsnäs Sågverks Aktiebolag (Korsnäs Sawmill) was formed in 1855 in Korsnäs in Swedish Dalarna. The company started as a sawmill and was relocated to Gävle in 1899. This became Sweden's largest industrial relocation in history. From 1910, sawmill operations were combined with pulp and paper production. Cardboard production began in 1976, and the sawmill operations were discontinued in 2002. In 2006, Cartonboard AB in Frövi was acquired, and so was the paper mill in Rockhammar three years later.

In 2012, Billerud acquired UPM's packaging paper operations in Pietarsaari and Tervasaari, Finland. That same year, Billerud and Korsnäs merged. Ten years later (in 2022), the company Verso, with three mills and an office in Michigan, USA, was acquired, and with this, the company adopted the more internationally recognizable name Billerud.

The history of our mills

Quinnesec Mill: A young but thriving paper-manufacturer

Established in 1985, Billerud's Quinnesec Mill, located in the southeast corner of Dickinson County, Michigan, is the most recently built production unit within Billerud. Despite its relatively short history, the Quinnesec Mill has thrived as the economic anchor of Dickinson County for more than three decades...

Escanaba Mill: More than 100 Years of Papermaking

Established in 1891, Escanaba Mill has evolved from a pulp producer to a major newsprint and coated printing paper manufacturer. It all started with a group of pioneers who saw potential in the power of the dams in the Escanaba River...

Gävle Mill: The Result of Sweden’s Largest Industrial Relocation

A unique event in the history of this production facility is the massive move from Falun to Gävle in 1899, classified as Sweden’s largest industrial relocation. Today, Gävle Mill is a world-leading manufacturer of liquid packaging, but its history spans over 150 years, marked by continuous development, change, and contributions to industry, the environment, and society...

Wisconsin Rapids Converting Facility: A Century of Innovation

From its humble beginnings in 1894 as the Consolidated Water Power Co., the mill has evolved into a beacon of technological excellence in the paper-making industry...

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Karlsborg Mill: The Story of the World’s Northenmost Paper Mill

From a challenging beginning in 1914 to today’s production capacity of 350,000 tons of bleached pulp, Karlsborg Mill has undergone a fascinating development journey. Through the determination of the local population, the operation was revived in 1928 after a shutdown...

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Skärblacka Mill: The Journey to World-Leading Sack Paper Production

The location of Billerud’s production facility in Skärblacka has a rich history dating back several centuries. Its industrial history traces back to the 1600s with a focus on hydro powered iron production...

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Frövifors bruk 1910

Frövi/Rockhammar Mill: Medieval Roots and Modern Advancements

Frövi Mill is not just an industrial facility – it is a time capsule carrying the history of industrial development and innovation for the region. This journey began in medieval times and continues to shape the development of the Örebro region and Sweden’s industrial landscape.

The Pietarsaari Mill: Deep Roots in the Finnish Paper Industry

Pietarsaari is a city located on the coast of western Finland on the Gulf of Bothnia in the northern part of the Baltic Sea and has deep roots in the Finnish paper and pulp industry. Nestled between the forest and the sea, Pietarsaari has been a site of significant industrial activity since the 1800s, with the paper mill playing a key role in the area’s development...

Gruvöns bruk i Grums

Gruvön Mill: ”Not a day without progress”

“Not a day without progress” is the motto of Gruvön and coined almost 100 years ago by Christian Storjohann, the founder of the mill. The mill started as a sulphate factory in 1929 and has since evolved into a pioneering force in paper and cardboard production.

Paving the way for a sustainable future

Rooted in our local communities, Billerud is primed to shape a sustainable future. Our dedicated employees throughout the world and our mills stand testament to our commitment.


Join us as we lead the way in packaging tomorrow.

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