In Gruvön, we produce cup stock, fluting, liners, formable paper, kraft paper, sack paper and liquid packaging board. The mill also houses a development center with expertise in packaging optimization.

About Gruvön

Our production unit Gruvön, nineteen miles west of Karlstad in Värmland, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fluting (New Billerud Flute®), liners, kraft paper, sack paper, formable paper (FibreForm®), liquid packaging board, and cup stock intended for users with very high demands on efficient, creative and functional packaging solutions. Gruvön also produces market pulp.

The fluting (the wavy layer of corrugated board) is used for fragile and heavy industrial products as well as for for food packaging. The liner is used as a surface layer in packaging for luxury, beauty and fashion products as well as for food and groceries. The kraft paper is used for a variety of industrial and medical applications as well as for dry foods such as flour, sugar, pasta and grains. The sack paper is used for industrial packaging such as cement bags or for consumer products such as animal feed. The formable paper opens up opportunities for new design and packaging solutions in a variety of applications including mugs, bags, cards, cartonboards, shaped containers and trays. The liquid packaging board is used as packaging for milk, juice, yogurt and other liquid foods.

In Gruvön there is also a development center (Box Lab and Pack Lab), with expert knowledge in packaging optimization. For example, in Gruvöns development center our revolutionary formable paper, Billerud FibreForm®, has been developed.


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Market segment: Industrial >, Consumer & Luxury >, Food & Beverages >

Production capacity: 870 000 tons/year

Number of emloyees: 750

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Billerud challenges conventional packaging for a sustainable future. Are you interested in working with us? Welcome to visit our career pages.

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