World-class fluting and liners for corrugated packaging

True Performance

Strong transport packaging materials that last despite demanding conditions in the supply chain

Packaging optimisation

Stronger materials and optimal structural design means lighter boxes and reduced freight costs

Shelf attraction

Attractive liners with excellent printability, beautiful colour reproduction and low washboarding

Product safety

Pure materials made of 100% primary fibres meet FDA and BfR standards for food contact

Combine the world’s strongest fluting with the exceptional quality of our liners and you have an attractive and sustainable packaging solution. Our corrugated packaging materials are optimized for innovative use in segments where strength, purity and appearance matter, such as Food & Beverage, Fruit & Vegetables, Household & Gardening, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Automotive and other industrial applications.

Billerud Flute® – one of the strongest fluting you can get

Superior semi-chemical fluting based on 100% primary fibres. It offers extreme strength, lightweighting opportunities and real endurance, and complies with relevant requirements for food packaging.

Liners that catch your attention

Made from 100% primary fibres, our range include liners that are not only known for their strength and excellent printable surface – they are pure and hygienic and meet relevant demands for food product packaging.

The ultimate bag-in-box

Thanks to its excellent paper strength and strong construction, our ultimate bag-in-box can save 15% in materials compared to the standard European solution. The construction ensures durability and preserved looks, even in demanding logistic chains. The outer liner has excellent printability and color reproduction, which enables quality visual effects and a lasting premium look with less washboarding, folding cracks and bulging.

Will your boxes make the journey?

Our scientific true performance testing gives you a unique understanding of how to optimize packaging for its demanding value chain. Stronger, lighter boxes can save up to 40% in material, as well as reduce your packaging CO2 emissions and product waste.

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Conventional packaging is based on specifications and standards dating back 40 to 50 years. Now, there are new ways of engineering materials. In the Knowledge Center, we share our science-based insights with you.

Improve with Billerud

We work hard to secure a supply of our corrugated packaging material to you and give you support. If you want to optimise the packaging you produce or need technical consulting, our services will help you on-site, no matter where you are located.

Advance your know-how

This knowledge center offers insights into the concept of True Performance, which is designed to optimize packaging to meet the requirements of the supply chain and assess its performance over time.

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Boost your productivity

We offer support with everything from converting guidance to technical consulting and logistics. In person or digital and round the clock. Reach out to us to know more.

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Maximise your Packaging Performance

BoxLab is our knowledge center that you can turn to for expert advice on containerboard packaging. A unique science-based resource that is sure to improve your packaging in terms of performance, sustainability, and cost effectiveness.

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Where you work together to improve your packaging know-how, productivity and performance.


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