Searching for sustainable packaging materials with a luxurious feel? Look no further than CrownBoard – exceptional materials made from our fully recyclable virgin fibers. When combined with our multilayering technology, the result is performance cartonboard that is Stronger, Stiffer, Lighter and Thinner. CrownBoard allows for lightweighting, while adding to your customer experience. And that’s simply outstanding.


The conversation about cartonboard used to be almost exclusively about thickness or caliper, but with our board manufacturing technology, Billerud produces performance cartonboard that challenges the traditional conventions of cartonboard -- shifting the talk from weight and thickness onto advancements in materials, structure, and printability.


Traditionally, a stronger cartonboard meant that the material had to be thicker and weigh more – even if it didn’t need to be. That meant settling for heavier, more costly Cartonboard. Modern board making technology combined with highly engineered optimized blends of pure strong Nordic fiber, enable the production of stronger, lightweight performance cartonboard with a luxury aesthetic. With these features we can show how thicker isn’t necessarily better and why lighter is the new stronger.


More Sustainable

Seeking sustainable practices that offer plastic material replacements that have less impact on the environment? Billerud CrownBoard materials are sustainable and cost effective, resulting in the use of less material. Billerud CrownBoard is one of our sustainable forms of packaging material, it is fully recyclable, made and transported with very low carbon emission and uses little to no fossil fuels during production.

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Learn more about Billerud CrownBoard – an innovative line of performance cartonboard – and the positive effects it has on both shelf appeal and sustainability.


CrownBoard Prestige

CrownBoard Prestige® offers a unique combination of strength, shapeability and printability. Thanks to these qualities it stands up to a sequence of very taxing converting processes without losing any of its visual appearance. The high-white surface offers stunning print results – meeting the highest expectations of premium brands.

CrownBoard Craft

CrownBoard Craft® is strong and versatile. The white, multi-coated top side ensures quality printability to match most white/white boards. The brown reverse side accentuates the strength and offers an original, rustic appeal. The entire grammage range is optimized for lightweighting, to save cost and reduce environmental impact. Probably the strongest cartonboard in the world.


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Creating the optimal packaging experience

You can sum it up in three words: Protection. Attraction. Function. It is crucial to score high on all three. Consider the whole handling chain, the store environment, and the package in the hands of the consumer. With CrownBoard and Billerud expertise onboard your project, you are in the clear.

Carton Solutions – your knowledge source

Carton Solutions helps you optimize your packaging solution or create an entirely new one. We have the expertise to improve your packaging in terms of protection of contents, structural design, cost factors, user friendliness, environmental performance, consumer appeal, process efficiency – and the advanced technical equipment to make thorough tests of your packaging solution.

Visual effects – no limits

Visual impact is a true make-or-break factor for premium brands. We have the know-how and the toolbox to help you achieve stunning impressions. The CrownBoard family is ideal for dazzling print with vibrant colours; for techniques and effects like deep embossing, foil stamping, and effect varnish. And don’t be square – take advantage of the shapeability of the board.

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