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What if packaging could just disappear?

At Billerud we firmly believe that packaging can be part of the solution to environmental challenges. That is why we are delighted to be able to eliminate the need for cement bag recycling by offering D-Sack® – the cement bag that disappears in the mixer. D-Sack is the result of years of dedicated research and our first packaging solution that actually has a climate-positive impact.


We started the work with D-Sack® because we were concerned about the environmental consequences of the growing global population and increasing urbanisation. Using building materials and packaging risks creating litter and drives the need for cement bag recycling and building waste disposal. We thought: What if packaging could just disappear instead?

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So, we developed D-Sack – a cement bag that disintegrates when it is used.

30% lower climate impact

D-Sack is a revolutionary packaging solution that functions as a high-performing cement bag in filling, handling and storage, but disintegrates when exposed to water and aggregate in the cement mixer. By becoming part of the concrete structure, the carbon dioxide that was absorbed during tree growth and then incorporated in the paper is bound in the building. This makes D-Sack a CO2 capture in a hundred-year perspective and results in a 30% lower climate impact than conventional cement bags.

No cement bag recycling

Apart from eliminating the need for cement bag recycling, building waste disposal and transport, the fact that D-Sack disappears in the mixing process also provides other significant advantages over conventional cement bags. D-Sack minimises cement waste and saves time, while ensuring a cleaner, safer and healthier workplace.

An award-winning solution

The secret behind this solution that will set a new industry standard is a patented and innovative construction, combining two different types of papers and barrier treatment.

D-Sack was developed in close cooperation between Billerud and LaFargeHolcim and validated by a third party. Subsequent studies have also proven that the minute pieces of paper left in the concrete have no negative impact on the concrete.

We are, of course, proud that D-Sack was awarded the 2015 Pulp & Paper International Prize for Innovation in Sustainable Packaging and selected by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) as one of the most innovative products in the pulp and paper industry in 2015.

But we are even more proud of being able to provide part of the solution to littering and waste on a global scale and show how we can challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

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