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MAM - The product is the star

Producers of baby bottles and soothers are subject to extra-stringent requirements regarding the packaging used for these products. Billerud White was the solution for the ultra-thin soother MAM Perfect.

“It is mainly Billerud’s ability to support the development of the packaging and new products that forms the basis for our partnership,” says Dietmar Rainprecht, development manager for packaging at MAM.

For Austrian company MAM, one of the world’s largest producers of soothers and baby bottles, the packaging of the company’s products is far more than just transport packaging. It also creates important marketing channels that have to be continuously developed to ensure that form, construction and graphic design come together in the best possible way.

“To create unique packaging you must be able to discuss development issues with the people who have the necessary material knowledge, and for us it is Billerud,” he says. In concrete terms, the partnership has resulted in using Billerud White 410 gsm for the packaging form MAM Perfect, a soother with an ultra-thin flexible teat. Thanks to its excellent formability and possibilities for creative design solutions, White was absolutely right for MAM Perfect. The packaging effectively displays the thin soother, while at the same time it passes all the stringent requirements regarding sterilisation and transport packaging.

“Ultimately the product, the soother or baby bottle, must always be the star,” Rainprecht says. “But this isn’t possible without excellent packaging. Packaging creates an opportunity to differentiate within the product line and also against competitors’ products.”

Optimizing the package
MAM sells about 50 million soothers and baby bottles worldwide each year, with the United States and Europe as important main markets. Production is located in Hungary and Thailand, but development of the products and packaging takes place at the company’s development offices in Siegendorf, Austria. This is where Rainprecht and his colleagues, together with Billerud, work to continuously improve the packaging. The MAM Perfect collaboration involved support from Billerud in optimizing the package and also providing input for technical details regarding the packaging and design.

“We always strive to involve our suppliers and business partners in our processes,” says Rainprecht. “This creates added value for everyone.”

As a result of the development work carried out by MAM and Billerud together, the packaging solution for MAM Perfect has been awarded the Universal Design Award 2012, testament to its innovative design and functionality.

“To be successful on the global market you have to be unique in terms of both the product and packaging, and MAM Perfect is a good example of this combination,” Rainprecht says.

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