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An ocean of possibilities

The art of making an impressive box for fine champagne, whisky or other luxury drinks is a complex business. You need to combine ultimate strength with an air of luxury and a promise of expensive indulgence. Here is how CrownBoard Prestige opens up for extravagant designs – and freedom for the packaging designer.

Cartonboard is a natural choice of material for packaging luxury drinks. It is versatile and shapeable, lightweight and cost-effective, strong and appealing – a great combination of all the user benefits a packaging designer could ask for. It sounds easy enough, except for one catch: there is cartonboard and there is cartonboard.

CrownBoard Prestige is made to offer the packaging designer a multitude of options. To offer support for the designer’s ideas and intentions. For example: a pack does not necessarily have to be shaped like a cube or a brick. CrownBoard Prestige allows for designs with bends and sweeps, and has the stability to keep the shape. Shapeability is important. It’s colour and shape that catch the eye and make a package stand out on a shelf.   

Freedom of expression – CrownBoard Prestige supports the creative intentions of your design.

Open up your creative toolbox

You could even say that CrownBoard Prestige offers its own creative toolbox. So, the designer can rely on the board properties for interesting shapes, inspiring colourful decor, user-friendly function, neat folds without cracking and exciting effects such as embossing. CrownBoard Prestige offers exceptional embossing capabilities – where the flat surface is shaped to create a bas-relief effect that gives depth to text or visuals and makes them come alive.

Printability in combination with strength is what makes CrownBoard Prestige unique.

From idea to large-scale converting – CrownBoard Prestige is protecting the product, and promoting your brand.

For the designer, strength means that the package can hold and protect a heavy bottle of expensive beverage. It also means that it’s shapeable, stable, and stackable. It can be run through multiple converting processes and stand up to rough handling. Printability means that the board has a surface finish that yields quality results in printing and post-treatment effects such as foil stamping and varnishing.

The superior strength is explained by the engineering of the board. It’s made of 100% primary wood fibres sourced from slow-growing Nordic forests. Pure, strong, and tensile. For further reinforcement, the board is built up of multiple layers of pulp.

Excellent printing results are achieved primarily thanks to multiple coating that provides a super-smooth high-white surface. It means vibrant colours, high contrast, sharp detail and lifelike colour reproduction. High whiteness also gives the packaging an overall pure and appealing impression. The designer has every opportunity to ensure visual impact.

CrownBoard Prestige offers an unmatched combination of strength and printability, engineered to endure multiple converting processes and stand up to rough handling.

What is more: not only does CrownBoard Prestige give the designer creative freedom. With a board like this, the design ideas and intentions are feasible. Thanks to the strength, stability and integrity, the board endures to be run in a sequence of several converting processes. The demonstrator we have used in this example was first printed in 4-colour offset press and then processed with UV varnish, silver foil, embossing, die cutting, folding, and glueing. And the finished piece of packaging came out neat and pristine looking at the other end, ready for the shop display – aligning with the profile of the branded product inside.

Designing with CrownBoard

Sustainability included – wherever “luxury” or “premium” is defined as something authentic, natural, and pure.

To show the design possibilities and the visual effects that CrownBoard can achieve, we offer a swatchbook full of advanced printing techniques that inspires and makes an impact on consumers. And we took it a step further as well: we applied selected artwork on three iconic structural designs created by the Carton Solutions team. The design showcased in this article is called Ocean.

Facts – the Ocean demonstrator

Material: CrownBoard Prestige 370 gsm/555 µm/21.9 pt
Ink: Vanson UV TIO
Print varnish: Novaset 4401/40 ECO Neutral
Foil: Kurz Alofin Matt (silver)
UV varnish: TOYOINK UV Varnish Screen excure (spot varnish)

CrownBoard is available with an FSC or PEFC certification – transparent chain of custody. Environmental Product Declarations are drawn up, based on audited Life Cycle Assessments. CrownBoard is made by Billerud, named “the world’s most sustainable packaging company” in Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Order your sample kit today

Contact your local sales rep to order CrownBoard demonstrators, product samples, brochures and the swatchbook. The swatchbook is a gold mine of inspiration and information, packed with print effects and techniques to show what is possible to achieve with CrownBoard Prestige and CrownBoard Craft. Your sales rep will be happy to answer any questions you may have about CrownBoard and provide you with the collateral you require.

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