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Big results in small print runs

Digital printing gives you high quality print, slashed lead-times and high cost efficiency in limited print runs. Different digital technologies offer different capabilities – this case is about a small-run, small-size print project with CrownBoard Prestige™.

Digital printing on CrownBoard Prestige

Is CrownBoard Prestige suitable for digital printing? Yes, it is. Take a good look at the BlueBerry demonstrator. It was printed on an HP Indigo 30000. The result is excellent, just as good as offset print – with lifelike colours and distinct detail.

The high-white surface of CrownBoard Prestige is optimized for stunning print results. Fully coated for a smooth, even surface. The coating recipe itself is refined, to offer the best possible base for inks and varnishes – as well as providing high whiteness. The top layer of the board structure is made of bleached pulp in a homogenous formation. All these things contribute to outstanding printability.Thanks to the strength and stiffness of CrownBoard Prestige, it offers reliable runnability in the machine – in the digital press, a sheet offset press or any machine in the converting process.

  • Optimized print surface – smooth, fully coated, top layer
  • High-white quality coating – lifelike colour reproduction
  • Strong and stiff board – reliable runnability

Digital – a wide concept

Keep in mind that “digital printing” can refer to many different technologies. Toner or inkjet. Dry or liquid toner technology. And inkjet can mean several types of systems, using different printhead technology, jetting technology and ink technology. Which implies that results may vary with printing systems and substrates – although inkjet in general offers a potential for high speeds and virtually no limitations when it comes to sheet sizes. In this case the choice fell on HP Indigo 30000, a machine specially developed for carton/packaging printing, and using a mature technology based on liquid toner. It delivers print results to match sheet offset printing, with inline priming, up to seven ink stations and the possibility for one or two coating units – dispersion or UV coatings. It is however restricted to sheet widths of max 75 cm and, compared to offset, it is not capable of exceptional speeds.

Basic advice

It is a perfectly good idea to use digital printing on CrownBoard Prestige. When your project is a limited print run, and when your package is rather small, the machine used for the BlueBerry demonstrator is a good option. As for cost factors, the rule is still to use digital print in smaller print runs and offset printing for larger productions.


For more information, samples and demonstrators, contact your local sales rep.

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