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New improved printing surface and strong shelf impact

Upgraded printing surface properties have brought Billerud Carry to the level of white/white board grades in terms of visual appeal, shelf impact and brand communication capabilities. Among the main upgrades are a new triple coating, improved fibre formation and higher quality consistency. This packaging is made of Billerud Carry 400 gsm, demonstrating a very stiff and robust item for a heavy product, while offering an impressive visual impact.

Brightness and whiteness have been increased to 84.5% and 90% adding new dimensions to image printing and colour reproduction. These improvements apply to Billerud White, Carry and Light. A brighter and whiter surface makes a big difference to the general appearance of the packaging.

Tough and strong
Carry is one of the strongest cartonboards on the market and perfectly suited for heavy products and hanging displays.

Grip stiffness
Exclusive drink packages must communicate high value to the buyer. Print quality is essential but also the feeling of sturdiness when grasping the packaging. The stiffness of our boards comes from the hybrid concept of mixing chemical fibres with CTMP fibres in the middle layers.

180 degrees
Double folds are highly demanding on the material. A lot of strain is put on the crease. Carry is so tough and strong it does not crack in the folds.

Hot foil stamping
Improved surface smoothness offers enhanced results in hot foil stamping. Hot foil can also be combined with embossing.

Nice luxury packs are often saved by the consumer together with the product. Packages made of Carry stand up to repetitive opening and closing.

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