Why Billerud?

Everything we do is characterized by sustainability, not only our products, but also our employees and leaders. It's our values that make us who we are - that we care for each other, lead the change, dare to try new things, and place the customer in the center. Our values form the foundation of our business.


Our Values

Place our customer in the center

We stand by our customers' side while living our mission - to challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future. We create real value for our customers by understanding their needs and making the right priorities in our daily work. Through collaboration, we help our customers achieve success.

Dare to innovate

As employees, we challenge ourselves, dare to test new things, and learn from our mistakes. We challenge old truths and test new ways forward in a safe way. We consider different perspectives and benefit from others' experiences.

Drive change

We create change by being proactive and actively participating in the operations. Through collaboration, we find keys to success, and we celebrate our progress and shared victories together.

Care for each other

We put safety first, promote health and well-being, respect differences, and value inclusion. We spread joy at work, motivate, and encourage each other.

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Compensation and benefits

It is important to us that our employees thrive at work, so it is only natural for us to give top priority to a safe working environment. Billerud works actively to come up with ways to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to maintain a healthy balance in their lives, irrespective of their work duties or working hours.

All of our employees receive a share in the company’s success and profits through a variable salary and bonus based on their own performance.

Billerud is established at several different locations in different countries, and the salary and benefits programs are primarily developed and applied on a country-specific basis.

Committed to fostering personal and professional development, we offer learning opportunities through our Sustainable employee and Sustainable leadership programs, among other initiatives.

Explore our region-specific benefits for Europe and North America.

Why should you work with us?

We put safety first

Safety is the foundation in all our work, and at Billerud, we want to engage all of our employees in preventing incidents and accidents.

Sustainability in focus

We are a provider of sustainable paper and packaging used by millions of people every day.

Stable future

We have strong roots in the industry and the conditions for a stable future.

Development opportunities

We provide opportunities to develop and learn something new every day.

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Safety first!

Safety is the foundation of all our efforts, and at Billerud, we want to engage all our employees in preventing incidents and accidents.

Diversity and inclusion

At Billerud, we care about everyone's equal value. We see inclusion and diversity as keys to continuing to grow and create global value.

Learning and career development

At Billerud, we aim to develop our employees to be the best they can be and to realize their full potential.