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The medical and hygiene industry has traditionally relied on plastic packaging and protection. However, environmental concerns are changing consumers’ and healthcare professionals’ attitudes to plastic. We can help you to switch to more sustainable packaging, selecting the ideal material for your product, as well as ensuring a sustainable packaging supply chain.

Sustainable packaging for your product

Find sustainable packaging to reliably protect, promote, store and transport your product. Select your product below to start:

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We can still help you to improve your packaging and business operations. This is how:

Reliable protection

Protect and preserve your products with strong, durable, printable and safe paper and board packaging. We can guide you to the best option.

Reduce packaging

The impressive strength of our papers and board enables you to use less packaging, save costs and reduce your carbon footprint – without sacrificing performance. Ask for an estimate of your savings.

Functional design

With our expertise and premium cartonboard, we can tailor your packaging to achieve a variety of practical features including safety locks, dispensers and more.

Sustainable supply chain

Work with us to leverage one of the most sustainable supply chains in the packaging industry, including sustainable forestry and production.


All our medical papers are renewable and recyclable with a low carbon footprint. The wood raw materials come from responsibly managed forests sourced as close to our mills as possible. During 2022, 99.3% of the wood raw material for our European operations came from European countries, and more than 75% of this wood fiber came from Swedish forests. Our products are tested and verified to be recyclable by independent third parties. The high strength of our virgin fiber Kraft papers make them ideal for reducing paper packaging consumption with light weighting. The high strength also helps reduce the reliance on synthetic raw materials in medical packaging.


  • FSC® (C023846) Chain of Custody
  • PEFC™ (05-31-78) Chain of Custody


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