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An evolution in packaging

Sustainability has become a factor that determines what the consumer selects – or rejects. It makes good business sense to optimize your packaging solution – CrownBoard Prestige makes it easy for you to offer your customers a sustainable choice.

As consumers, we express ourselves by the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the brands we choose. It’s not only about status or taste, but also identification and shared values. Many consumers say they are prepared to pay more for sustainable
products. For a brand to maintain a credible sustainability profile, this has to be reflected through all actions and operations – including the packaging of the product.
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Turn your packaging into a competitive edge

We offer you an easy way to optimize packaging, reduce costs and lower your environmental impact. The trick is to reduce packaging weight. We call it lightweighting. With the unique strength/weight ratio of CrownBoard Prestige, your pack can be made significantly lighter without compromising packaging performance. With a lighter pack less raw material is used, less energy is consumed, less waste is generated, and transport and warehousing requirements are reduced. The result is reduced environmental impact and great cost savings – at an average by 10%.
Go lightweight – the unique strength/weight ratio of CrownBoard Prestige reduces environmental impact along the entire value chain
A lightweighting project usually begins with a packaging optimization workshop together with our Carton Solutions team. All angles are covered, including structural design, prototype testing and verifications, and production efficiency checks.


Strong means sustainable

With CrownBoard, we offer packaging material that meets the toughest demands of premium brands in terms of strength, appearance and sustainability.

Strength is key to sustainability – CrownBoard Prestige is engineered for stable and reliable runnability in all converting processes, leaving less waste.

CrownBoard is made of pure primary wood fibres – a renewable material sourced from responsibly managed Nordic forests. Because trees grow slowly in the Nordic climate, the fibres are long and strong. Strength is a key property, also a factor that makes the material more environmentally friendly.

• Strong primary fibres can be recycled approximately 6 times.
• Multi-layered cartonboard can replace plastic in many applications, with reduced environmental impact.
• Strong material makes durable packaging and minimized transport damage.
• Strength, stiffness and stability means reliable runnability and less waste.

Designing with CrownBoard

To show the design possibilities and the visual effects that CrownBoard can achieve, we offer a swatchbook full of advanced printing techniques that inspires and makes an impact on consumers. And we took it a step further as well: we applied selected artwork on three iconic structural designs created by the Carton Solutions team. The design showcased in this article is called Evolution.

Sustainability included – wherever “luxury” or “premium” is defined as something authentic, natural, and pure.

As an example of application, the Evolution demonstrator fits in wherever “luxury” or “premium” is defined as something authentic, natural, and pure. A context where sustainability factors make a significant difference. You may imagine, for instance, packaging for premium cosmetics and health & beauty products. The product and the packaging complement one another perfectly to make up a good consumer experience.

Facts – the Evolution demonstrator

Material: CrownBoard Prestige 265 gsm/355µm/14.0 pt
Ink: Vanson UV TIO
Print varnish: Novaset 4401/40 ECO Neutral
Foil: Kurz Alofin Matt (silver) + Foilco 101F00/s (mother of pearl)
UV varnish: TOYOINK UV Varnish Screen excure

Order your sample kit today

Contact your local sales rep to order CrownBoard demonstrators, product samples, brochures and the swatchbook. The swatchbook is a gold mine of inspiration and information, packed with print effects and techniques to show what is possible to achieve with CrownBoard Prestige and CrownBoard Craft. Your sales rep will be happy to answer any questions you may have about CrownBoard and provide you with the collateral you require.

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