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Each year, Billerud’s Swedish mills accept interns from various schools, programs or the Labour Market Administration. Internships may be either paid or unpaid and hours may be either in the daytime or in shifts.


Each mill has a contact person who arranges internships based on resources and current needs. If you have suggestions and ideas for suitable internship assignments, you are welcome to submit a request directly to the contact person at the mill.

Compulsory school

The youngest interns are students from grades 8 and 9 from local schools that offer 1–2 week long work experience programmes (PRAO). The mills currently have recognised contacts with the nearest compulsory schools that offer several PRAO positions each year.

Vocational upper secondary school programmes

Students in vocational upper secondary school programmes often have educational components held at various work sites, for example students enrolled in industrial programmes, studying automation, or training to become welders, electricians or sheet metal workers. Every year, our mills accept a number of interns who live or study nearby.

Advanced vocational training and higher vocational education and training programmes

Advanced vocational training programmes often require completing an internship or workplace-based learning (“Lära i Arbetslivet” or LIA). Billerud usually accepts several advanced vocational and higher vocational education students each year. They are primarily students in process engineering advanced vocational programmes in Kalix with a focus on the pulp and paper industry, or the programme in Karlstad with a focus on chemical/process engineering.

Colleges and universities

Some college and university programmes require extended workplace internships. Each summer, Billerud grants a number of students internships within their subject areas. These positions are applied for via our website in January and February and placements are announced in April. For an internship at a time of year other than summer, you must get in touch with the contact person at the mill.

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