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The right look and feel for premium desserts

Booths is an English premium chain of supermarkets. They have been in business since 1847 and are mentioned with awe in listings of the World’s Greatest Food Retailers. At the re-launch of their own branded line of desserts, they were impressed with BillerudKorsnäs Artisan.


A strong lightweight cartonboard that is tough enough for large windows – and hard-wearing enough for hand-packing, stacking, transport and handling.


A range of over 70 delicious desserts, packed in seductive pastels. The luxurious silky-smooth tactile quality of BillerudKorsnäs Artisan adds to the brand experience.


The light-coated printing surface offers distinct print, excellent colour reproduction and all the detail and contrast that translates into high shelf impact.

“Just what we were looking for!”



The challenge for a premium chain is to keep up unfaltering premium standards at all times. The challenge for the Booths re-launch of their desserts was to come up with just the right packaging concept. They had previously tried using board with the reverse side out, for tactile quality, but ran into printability problems. At a comprehensive presentation of BillerudKorsnäs unique cartonboard and ambitious sustainability policies, Booths' marketing department was introduced to BillerudKorsnäs Artisan. The timing was right, and Artisan was just what they were looking for.


Thee desserts are packed in a lightweight plastic tray. Think millefeuille, and you’ll know why. For shelf impact, stability, product information and brand communication the trays need good sleeves – and that’s where Artisan comes in. With the right look and feel and the right strength. The testing of the material focused on a packing-line test, because the desserts are hand packed and the materials have to be very strong and the handling must not in any way affect the appearance of the packs. In total, there were thirteen different desserts, Artisan 270 gsm for the cream cakes and fruit pies, and Artisan 250 and 295 gsm for the puddings. Printability was mostly demonstrated using printed material samples.


Booths received a premium packaging concept that ticked all their boxes. It’s a very appealing range of desserts with attractive packaging in pastel colours and pleasant to the touch. The sales have been successful. “Booths are extremely happy with the packaging,” says Mark Eccles, Account Manager Kentmere.“Our first print run was 12,500 cartons of each line and we have already received repeat orders much sooner than expected.”

“Cost is always a challenge. However, BillerudKorsnäs Artisan has the strength that opens up for lightweighting opportunities. Compared with a standard boxboard, I’d say Artisan allows for a 10–12% weight reduction.”

Steve Sykes, Print Manager, Kentmere Packaging

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