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Five ways to boost online sales with packaging

In today’s e-commerce, the standard form of packaging seems to be “quick, cheap and ugly”. Sure it can get the job done, and in general it’s accepted by consumers. But at what price? Watch the film and see which five packaging improvements can influence online business.

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Optimise packaging performance

Unlike shopping in a retail store, online consumers cannot touch and feel products until they’ve paid for it. They have to trust that the online retailer will get it to them on time, and in one piece.

Which is why, first and foremost, packaging has to perform its basic function and do it well. It has to ensure the product arrives in mint condition.

For online businesses, method of delivery is the most critical part of the sales cycle and a key success factor. Therefore, the efficiency and performance of packaging systems should be as closely monitored as any essential part of business operations.

By dedicating the time and resources needed to locate weak points and improvement opportunities throughout the entire value chain, you may discover that investments in customised or product-specific packaging systems will provide a healthy ROI.

Optimise infrastructure

To help improve the flow of handling and get purchases to the customer more quickly, online retailers can include metadata directly in the packaging. Product-specific ID tags elevate a package’s traceability, address tampering issues and help prevent counterfeiting.

Additionally, the obstacles commonly encountered in handling and distribution can be consistently avoided by taking a hard look at existing infrastructures. It may be that underutilised areas intended for other purposes, e.g. goods pickup windows at commuter stations, can serve as additional distribution hubs to help increase delivery speed and the overall flow of handling.

Finally, adapting packaging to suit new parcel pickup options, such as click and collect, can help ensure consistent delivery and consumer satisfaction.

Enhance consumer experience with packaging

A good way to promote consumer intimacy and brand loyalty is with packaging that provides consumers with a positive, and perhaps unexpected brand experience.

Research shows that meeting consumer demand for self-affirmation on social media, and finding opportunities to add a level of excitement during unboxing, not only builds positive brand perceptions, it can create free advertising. In short, if consumers are impressed, they will most likely tell others, either face-to-face or online.

People use social media to document and display online purchases and packaging – wherever and whenever – after pickup at a convenient location, neatly stored at home, or when reusing packaging for other purposes. Developing e-commerce packaging that plays a pivotal role in the consumer self-affirmation process is becoming an increasingly important success factor.

360 degree e-commerce

As e-commerce continues to grow worldwide, it is important to engage consumers through the use of multiple channels or touch points. In short, with e-commerce, customer engagement shouldn’t be viewed as limited to the web.

Keep in mind that many people still prefer a trip to the local shopping centre over the internet – if they happen to have time for it.

Online success today requires that businesses bridge the gap between virtual and physical shopping.

And packaging is a large section of that bridge. Solutions that provide a good visual presentation of the product, online and off, will help buyers make decisions at the time of purchase and better meet expectations upon delivery.

Smart, sustainable packaging solutions help environmentally conscious customers feel even better about their decisions and show that e-commerce can be a sustainable alternative to traditional retail.

Online grocery market

The market for online groceries is growing at an unprecedented rate. Handling increased demand, larger volumes and more frequent small quantity orders calls for fast, agile e-commerce solutions.

One of the factors that makes food packaging unique is the need to keep things fresh. This often requires different levels of humidity and temperatures.

Flexible, multipurpose packaging systems designed to keep a variety of foods intact during transport and storage can help reduce the risk of unnecessary waste and unsatisfied customers.

While online grocers have made progress with high-income families, in most markets consumers still prefer buying groceries through traditional retail channels. In combination with more convenient e-commerce platforms, investing in smart packaging can help support a seamless shopping experience. Both have key roles in building a positive reputation to reach a larger audience.

It’s clear that there are lots of opportunities to improve consumer attitudes towards e-commerce. And packaging plays a large role in its success. In fact the keys to providing better consumer experiences are already available, if you know where to look. Click here to download and read more.

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