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Billerud Wood Supply is responsible for securing the wood fiber required by the company’s manufacturing operations. The business also includes procurement of transport services as well as delivery and flow planning. We are committed to respect a sustainable balance among economic, social, and environmental needs and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

About us

Renewable raw materials from responsibly managed forests are Billerud's most important resource, and we strive to source our raw materials from forests as close to our mills as possible. During 2023, 98.8% of the wood raw material for our European operations came from European countries.

About 75% of the wood fiber used by our European operations comes from Swedish forests and the rest mainly from Norway, Finland and the Baltics.

About 75% of Billerud's fiber volume in Europe is supplied by around 90 sawmills, forest owners associations and large forest companies, based on supply agreements. About 25% of the fiber volume in Europe is harvested by our own forest organization at private forest owners and on Bergvik Skog Öst's land. Bergvik Skog Öst's forest, which we manage, covers almost 300,000 hectares of productive forest land in central Sweden. The forest management assignment includes all harvesting, forestry and all other practical issues related to forest holdings. A service that we also offer to the private forest owners through our field purchase department.

In North America, Billerud procures about four million tons of wood fiber from wood producers in the USA and Canada. Most of our wood fiber is sourced from the Great Lakes region of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario.  Over half of the forest area is owned by numerous non-industrial private landowners (small holders) with the balance of the ownership represented by local, state, and federal agencies, industry, and others. The amount of wood (standing stock in the forest) is increasing in the Great Lakes region due to growth rates exceeding harvest levels. Sustainable harvesting methods ensure that forests are promptly reforested after harvest through natural regeneration or direct planting.

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Fiber origin Europe, %

Fiber origin, % Per cent
Sweden: 75.1%, ≈ 75.1
Norway: 10.1%, ≈ 10.1
Finland: 8.3%, ≈ 8.3
Baltic region: 5.7%, ≈ 5.7
Denmark: 0.1%, ≈ 0.1
Other*: 0.7%, ≈ 0.7

Fiber origin North America, %

Fiber origin, % Per cent
USA 91
Canada 9

*Brazil, USA, Uruguay, Canada, Russia. 0.1% of our wood supply 2022 originated from Russia. This was bought in the beginning of 2022 before the supply of wood originating from Russia was cut off.


We only procure wood from sustainable managed and well-maintained forests. Which in return means that we do not buy wood from protected forests or genetically modified trees. Renewable raw materials from forests are our most important resource. And we strive to source our fiber raw material as close to our production units as possible.

Sustainable forestry

The fiber must originate from forests managed by recognized sustainable forestry practices, including careful planning with a long-term perspective. Responsibly managed forests include active forest management with high growth rates, while also taking into account biodiversity and social values, as well as enhanced climate benefits.

Billerud values close cooperation with the most important stakeholders in the forest industry as crucial for creating a stable wood supply and achieving sustainable improvements. Our long-term relationships with forest companies, forest owners and sawmills enable us to meet the requirements for the delivery of sustainable, cost-effective fiber and responsible forestry.


Certifications guaranteeing sustainable forestry

We certify according to FSC® (FSC-C023846) and PEFC (PEFC/05-31-78).

All of the raw wood material we use in our operations originates from responsibly managed forests. We are third-party certified to chain of custody standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and in North America, also the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®). Billerud’s due diligence system ensures that all fiber is purchased in accordance with procedures set out by FSC Controlled Wood, Controlled Sources in PEFC Chain of Custody and comply with the EUTR and U.S. Lacey Act timber legislations.

You can find a list of all our certificates and directives

Read more about our work on sustainable wood supply


Billerud takes measures to protect valuable habitats so that naturally occurring plants and animals can continue to live in the forest environment. We do careful follow-ups of our work to protect, preserve and enhance biodiversity. Some important, basic measures are:

  • After harvest, new forest must be established. This is often accomplished by planting new trees or through management techniques designed to favor natural re-generation of trees.
  • When harvesting, dead trees and high stumps may be left, which many insects, fungi and small animals need to survive.
  • Clearing and thinning operations are carefully planned to allow remaining trees more room to grow.
  • To protect biodiversity around watercourses and others nearby sensitive biotopes, "buffer zones" are created.
  • Deciduous trees are favored for retention. They are beneficial to animals and other species and can also help forests weather storms better.
  • In Sweden, about 25–30% of the overall forest landscape is excluded from active forestry. Prescribed burning is often used as a tool to promote fire-dependent biodiversity. Harvest methods used by forest owners and in Billerud’s own forest management often resemble naturally occurring disturbance on the landscape.

Watch and learn more

Whenever Billerud fells a tree, we use it as effectively and smart as possible. We use the whole tree, from trunk to crown. Watch our videos below to learn more and hear Anna-Maria Tuominen-Reini, our Executive Vice President Procurement and wood supply, speak about how we manage modern forestry.

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