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Leader in high-performing paper and packaging materials

Billerud is a world leading company in high-performing paper and packaging materials – passionately committed to sustainability, quality, and customer value. We serve customers in more than 100 countries with nine production facilities in Sweden, USA and Finland.

We help reduce our customers’ climate impact by inspiring them to make the best packaging choices with confidence. Because at Billerud, we understand that the right packaging materials and solutions can be important tools to help us achieve a more sustainable future. That’s why we challenge packaging conventions, from how fibers are selected and materials are produced, to the way we create value for our customers.

Together with our customers, we work towards a future where lighter, stronger, more durable, and sustainable packaging is no longer an exception – but the natural choice. That’s why our decisions are always guided by the promise of creating a better tomorrow. Because it’s only when you have tomorrow in mind that you’ll do your very best today.

Billerud – Packaging Tomorrow


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Our platform

A strategy for growth in packaging

Billerud has a great opportunity as trends combine to support growing demand for our renewable, high-quality products made from primary fiber. Our long-term strategic direction provides a concrete plan to achieve profitable and sustainable revenue growth.

Our business model

Sustainability is at the core of our business. Our production is in nine locations on two continents where responsibly managed wood is close at hand. We make materials from renewable virgin fibers and our products are used for the packaging of food and consumer goods, industrial use and printed communication. People all over the world depend on our materials.

Our regions

Our two regions develop and market paper and packaging materials to manufacturers, converters, brand owners, publishers and printers.

Production Units

Billeruds production units are surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers. Click here to read about our locations around the world.

Our sustainability approach

We are proactively taking the lead in the transition to a circular society with packaging solutions that are renewable, recyclable and...

Key facts

Production units
Sweden, Finland, and USA
Net sales
41,2 Billion SEK
Customer service
In 16 markets


Billerud AB

PO Box 703, SE-169 27
Solna, Sweden

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