In Skärblacka, white machine glazed kraft paper, brown sack paper and fluting is produced. In addition, there are two laboratories with expertise in developing packaging for food and medical products.

About Skärblacka

Our production facility in Skärblacka, just outside Norrköping in Östergötland, is a world-leading manufacturer of high quality white machine glazed kraft paper (MG) with the best possible printing and color rendering, QuickFill® quality paper with high strength and porosity and also fluting (the wavy layer of corrugated board). The brown sack paper can be filled very quickly without breaking or creating dust and is, for example, used by the construction industry for cement bags, but also as packaging for foods like sugar and flour. The white machine glazed kraft paper is used for medical packaging, bread bags, margarine and butter paper, steel interleaving, as well as release liner for hygiene products (silicone coated paper for adhesive surfaces). The fluting is included in corrugated board for industrial purposes and for food packaging. In Skärblacka there are also two laboratories (Barrier Lab and Seal Lab) with expertise in barriers and different types of seals.


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Production capacity: 460 000 tonnes/year

Number of employees: 740

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The forest industry in Skärblacka dates back to the 1870s when the two independent mills, Skärblacka Paper mill and Ljusfors Paper mill were active in the area. Skärblacka AB, founded in 1870, started pulp production in 1872 and paper production in 1874. At Ljusfors mill, there was a paper machine 1895 and a pulp mill was built in 1898. 1917-18, the two mills were sold to Fiskeby Fabriks AB, which in turn sold to KF (Co-operative Union) in 1942. In 1953, the two mills merged and formed Skärblacka mill. Today's modern mill, which was designed at the end of the 1950s when a brand new sulphate factory and two new paper machines were built, was officially inagurated by HKH Gustaf VI Adolf on December 4, 1962. In 1985, Skärblacka was sold to Holmen mill, which in turn was acquired by MoDo in 1988. In 1994, the mill was acquired by AssiDomän and in 2001 by the owner constellation Billerud AB where also the Karlsborg and Gruvön mill was included. In November 2012 Billerud and Korsnäs merged and formed Billerud.


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Switchboard: +46 112 453 00

Monica Lundgren
Communication Manager

Linda Wit 
Mill director

Anna Kullberg
Manager Environment

Daniel Gustafsson
HR manager

Billerud Skärblacka
SE-617 10 Skärblacka

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Bergslagsvägen 45

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