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Create brand loyalty through touch

Creating strong ties with your customers takes time. But there is an unknown shortcut. Learn all about how tactile packaging can increase trust, interaction and loyalty in our free guide.

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Skin deep

But to go deeper, let’s start on the surface. Our skin, the largest organ of the body is a sensor filled with nerves that are sensitive to heat and cold, pressure, vibration and pain. It is the interface between our bodies and the outside world, allowing us to receive an endless stream of information about our environment.

A simple touch can make a difference

But the significance of touch doesn’t end at our fingertips. This sense has increasingly spilled over to wider culture and language. Marketers are now beginning to use this active, informative and useful perceptual system in their promotions. Particularly, through packaging. Often the first point of contact between a brand and consumer.

But what is it about touch that makes it have such a profound impact? It’s how it makes us feel, the emotional ties it creates. With Billerud FibreForm® cup sleeves you can make a positive impression on customers through tactile and visual elements. Protect customers’ hands against heat and cold through embossing and heighten their experience of your brand. 

Touch really has power.

Marketers, it’s in your hands to use it right. Learn how to touch the hearts of your audience with packaging through our free guide.

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