Our focus areas

Billerud is a company with a strong international presence and sustainability as a primary focus. We continue the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy based on renewable and recyclable raw material.

Safety first

We focus on a safe working environment and a stable and efficient production

Climate impact

We strive to minimize CO2e emissions and increase the use of renewable alternatives instead of fossil resources

Materials of the future

We focus on sustainable products and innovate new ways of using fibers

Areas where we can make the biggest difference 

Safety remains the number one priority for Billerud. It constitutes, together with the climate impact and materials for the future, the three areas that are strategically vital for our future competitiveness. With the support of a sustainability foundation, that incorporates those aspects that are fundamental to our sustainability work, our ambition is to continue a sustainable transition by maximizing the positive and minimizing negative impacts along our value chain. 

Safety first

Health and safety are prioritized at Billerud. A healthy and safe workplace is a fundamental right, and we work continuously to provide this by identifying and eliminating risks. Safe and healthy environments lower not only incidents and accidents, but also contribute to a more efficient production, and are therefore essential for stable, sustainable, and profitable operations.

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Climate impact

Billerud has both a direct and indirect impact on the climate throughout the value chain. We work to reduce direct emissions from our own operations as well as indirect emissions from e.g. purchased goods and services. We also enable customers to lower their carbon footprint through our recyclable products made of renewable material.

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Materials for the future

Our product development work supports the circular economy and high product safety. With each new material that we develop we raise the sustainability benefits for a positive impact on the value chain. We aim for high-performance materials that enable customers to use less material in their packaging and reduce their own carbon footprint.

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See Also

Sustainability foundation

The ongoing work that lays the foundation for a sustainable and responsible value chain.

Sustainability targets

Our sustainability work is driven by a number of tangible and ambitious targets that help us to steer our strategy and daily operations.

Sustainability reporting

Our sustainability report is an important tool for engaging stakeholders as well as mapping, assessing and powering our sustainability work.