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Online retailers show keen interest in sustainable packaging


E-commerce has experienced remarkable growth, showcasing its resilience and adaptability in dynamic market conditions. Even online sales of traditional brick-and-mortar companies are now projected to continue to play a key role in the future. E-commerce packaging, as a means of communicating with customers, is thus becoming increasingly important, and so is sustainable packaging – making companies such as Packoplock grow rapidly.


Strong demand

Packoplock was founded in 2007 in the Swedish town of Norrköping by Mikael Holmberg, who is also the company’s CEO. The concept entails offering customers packaging for picking and packing goods. Since Packoplock was founded, more than 90,000 online retailers across the Nordic region have chosen to buy packaging solutions from the company’s range of over 9,000 different items.

One product area currently experiencing rapid growth is e-commerce packaging. Buyers want packaging that enhances their brand image and customer experience while also reducing their carbon footprint compared to traditional packaging.

We listen to market needs, and many companies want to replace plastic e-commerce bags with more sustainable alternatives, such as paper. And this is a development we really like, because we want to be a sustainable company. What’s more, we contribute to a Gold Standard project to carbon offset the limited footprint attributable to our paper e-commerce bags.
Mikael Holmberg CEO Packoplock

Strict requirements

When choosing a paper supplier for their e-commerce bags, they decided on Billerud. One important factor was that Billerud had conducted a thorough LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for the paper, which is branded Xpression E-Com. This makes it easier for Packoplock to calculate the carbon footprint to offset.

“For us, it’s important to have a paper supplier who truly cares about the environment,” Mikael continues. “Billerud is a company that puts its words into action, showing that sustainability is the way forward and that they’re not prepared to compromise their integrity.”

The actual conversion process is handled by Innovaciones Subbetica. How do they find using Xpression E-Com to produce e-commerce bags?

Xpression E-Com is a very specific and high quality paper. It is adapted to all production processes and to the demanding logistics journey from brand to final customer. Our customers highlight its excellent printability, which enhances their brand image.
Manuel Molina, Sales Director, Innovaciones Subbetica

World’s most sustainable

Sustainability has been a guiding light at Billerud for more than a decade. In 2020 and for the third year running, Billerud was ranked the world’s most sustainable company in the Containers & Packaging category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. A total of 7,300 companies are included in the index, and the ten percent awarded the highest ratings are spotlighted.

Sustainalytics, a company that works with sustainability analyses, also ranks BillerudKorsnäs as the most sustainable company to invest in within the packaging industry in its ESG Risk Ratings.

Our humbling accolades within sustainability are the result of our fruitful collaborations with partners such as Packoplock. We like the fact that Packoplock sets strict requirements for us – that’s where we want to be and operate as a company. The trend among online retailers to choose paper for their e-commerce bags is apparent, and we feel that all the work we’ve invested in, say, life cycle assessments is becoming increasingly important.
Valdemar Forsblom, Business Development Project Manager, BillerudKorsnäs

E-commerce is growing, and with it the need for environmentally friendly packaging. Packoplock chose Xpression E-Com to meet customer demand for attractiveness, printability and sustainability. Are you curious as to how the right paper can make a difference to your e-commerce packaging? Visit the Billerud E-Com Knowledge Center or contact us directly to find out more.


Distributor of e-commerce packaging
Based in Norrköping, Sweden

Innovaciones Subbetica
Packaging converter
Based in Córdoba, Spain

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