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Foil stamping: Next-level your impression.

This is a time-tested finishing technique for stamping a positive perception of your brand on the minds of your market.

There’s nothing like the high-sheen metallic effect of a foil stamp on paper. An official-looking gold seal on a certificate, a silver-stamped title on an elegant book cover, an attention-getting detail on a consumer package—foil stamping has always raised the impression of quality to the premium level.

Also known as flat stamping, hot stamping, or blocking and leafing, foil stamping is an off-press process that starts with a die. The die is heated and presses the foil, carried by a polyester film, onto the stamping surface. The heat and pressure combine to release the foil coat from the carrier and bind it to the surface. Boom. Beautiful.

Foil stamping offers a surprising range of effects beyond high-end metallics for a unique—and uniquely premium—impression

Foils are not always metallic

Foils are not limited to the high-gloss metallic gold, silver, bronze or copper finishes familiar to most. The stamping material doesn’t have to be metallic—you can choose an intensely colored flat pigment for an effect that resembles a thick, completely opaque ink coating, or gloss pigment foils that resemble enamel paint, creating the sheen of an automotive finish. Pearlescent or clear foils are available, too.

Textures are an option as well, including wood grains, pebble, marble and countless others—even snakeskin for the rock-and-rollers among you—adding tactile to the visual.

Holographic foils add a three dimensional effect

Your options don’t end with standard foils. You can choose from a variety of holographic foils that create the illusion of three dimensions on a two dimensional surface.

Holographic patterned foils can use repeat geometric patterns or other designs for a shimmering, prismatic effect. For higher budgets, multiplane holograms can make viewers feel like they’re looking into a three-dimensional scene. Even more dramatic are stereograms, which capture a sequence of actions performed by live models, creating a sense of movement as the image is tilted from side to side.

Foil the forgers

Holographic foil stamping can do more than add visual power. Used on event tickets and other important documents, the depth and movement of this technique can be a very effective protection against counterfeiters. Impressive looking, brand enhancing—and almost impossible to copy.

Creative print cuts through the clutter

The bottom line: Foil stamping is not just about foil. Or stamping, for that matter. It’s about applying your imagination to create impactful, memorable printed effects that cut through the clutter—much of which is on screens these days—to grab your audience’s attention, create a memorable experience and inspire action

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