Silk and Smooth – An enhanced brand experience

The silky, light-coated surface of BillerudKorsnäs Artisan is pleasant to the touch, adding an appealing dimension to the brand experience. Artisan is a strong cartonboard that offers great design possibilities – excellent results in formability, embossing, creasing and scores. This item is made of BillerudKorsnäs Artisan 270 gsm, demonstrating sophisticated printing techniques and effects.

Deep embossing
Like our other cartonboard grades, Artisan allows for exceptionally deep embossing, which enables great visual and tactile effects without risk of cracking.

180 degrees
Double folds are highly demanding on the material. A lot of strain is put on the crease. Artisan is so tough and strong it does not crack in the folds.

Scores are cuts leaving only about 1/3 of the thickness to hold up the construction. Thanks to the strength of the board, scores can be made without risk of breakage.

Hot foil stamping
The quality of the light-coated top surface of Artisan makes it ideal for hot foil stamping.

Spot varnish
A great visual effect can be achieved when glossy spot varnish is applied on the light coated surface. The contrast makes quite an interesting effect.

Keeps its shape
The red flower displays several effects. The most interesting of them is the die-cutting along the outline which lets you lift the petals so that the flower appears to rise from the surface. The petals will gradually spring back to their original position.

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