Tips when applying for a job at Billerud

We are always interested in connecting with individuals who, like us, want to challenge conventional methods in packaging solutions and to work towards a sustainable future. We place great importance on personal qualities and are constantly seeking individuals who, like us, prioritize safety and are driven by our values.

Every position is different, and different personalities are important for us to succeed. However, all our employees share the desire to focus on their customers, have the courage to drive change, are willing to try new things, and have the drive to work together with others.

When applying for a job at Billerud

Write a clear CV

In your first application, we want to easily understand your knowledge and experiences. Feel free to divide your CV into clear subsections such as Education, Work Experience, Language Skills, and Other Merits. Under each heading, list your experience in reverse chronological order, meaning that you should write your most recent experience first.

Example of resume template - Billerud Europe (Word document)

Personality and Problem-Solving Tests

At Billerud, we are driven by research and evidence-based methods and therefore work according to a competence-based recruitment process. Our ambition is to provide you with the right conditions to release your inherent potential. To truly get to know you and your abilities, we place great importance on your personality and use research-based problem-solving and personality tests during the selection process.

If you have not previously performed tests in recruitment processes, we recommend that you read about the test you will be asked to complete. Before the tests, you give yourself the best conditions if you plan them for a time and day when you feel rested and can sit undisturbed for the time you take the test.


During the recruitment process, you will typically meet with a representative from HR, the recruiting manager including their manager, and potential colleagues. We will tell you more about Billerud, the position you have applied for, and of course, we are curious to get to know you in your own words.

During the interview, we will ask you for examples of previous situations. We are curious to hear how you have thought, acted, and reflected in previous situations that can be similar to situations you may face in the role you have applied for. You prepare yourself best by reading the job ad carefully and thinking about how you have previously acted in situations that you may find yourself in, in the current position.

We would like to hear your questions about Billerud and the position. Learn about our history, news, and information about the business that you can find here on our website.


In all recruitment processes, we ask for references. Depending on the position, we will typically request two to three references, of which at least one should have been a former boss or leader for you. If you are applying for a managerial position, we also require a reference as a former subordinate.

Final Checks

At Billerud, we prioritize safety. For all positions, we require that the final candidate undergoes a drug and alcohol test through our occupational health care. For some positions, a background check is also performed on the final candidate.


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