Safe and sustainable packaging for medical devices

Our renewable medical kraft papers are suitable for all major sterilisation methods and ensure a safe protective barrier for medical devices. All papers are made from primary fibres, sustainably managed resources and are fully recyclable in regular paper recycling. Paper production is already 97% fossil free and by 2030, all integrated mills should be entirely fossil free.


Reliable protection

Protect and preserve your products with strong, durable, printable and safe paper and board packaging. We can guide you to the best option.

Reduce packaging

The impressive strength of our papers enables you to use less packaging, save costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Ask for an estimate of your savings.

Sustainable supply chain

Our sustainable packaging is more than just paper. Work with us and leverage one of the most sustainable supply chains in the packaging industry.

Types of packaging

Protect the sterility and purity of your product

With Billerud SteriKraft, you can ensure the purity of your products, right up until the moment of use. This strong and safe medical paper, with microbial barrier properties, can withstand exposure to various sterilisation methods. The packaging will maintain its sterility for five years and is offered for all major sterilisation methods.

Ensure cleanliness with inner wraps

Billerud MediKraft achieves cleanliness and sterilisation stability in single-use articles, such as plaster topical dressings and inner wrappings of surgical gloves. Specifically engineered for applications that do not require microbial barrier properties, MediKraft medical paper has high purity and offers excellent runability and printability.


Targeting plastic waste in our oceans

Beyond Plastic Med, a two-day conference in Monaco earlier this spring, raised important questions concerning  plastic waste in our oceans.

Stretching the boundaries of packaging

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Why Billerud?

Work with us to find the best and most sustainable paper for your product.

As a world-leading producer of premium graphic and label papers, we can guide you to the right material, align packaging and paper with your brand, and meet the needs of your customers. Founded in the Nordics, we work with brands and converters in over 100 countries, challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future.

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