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The future of sugar and flour packaging

We’re always looking for new ways to challenge conventional methods of packaging dry goods. This is why we asked NINE to study the market, and find out where we should start focusing our efforts – where it will count the most.
What they found were six exciting opportunity areas based on current market trends and consumer insights. The future is a lot closer than you might think.

Have a look.

Enhance consumer experience
Refine sugar into new shapes, forms, sizes and flavours to get sugar out of the cupboard and on to the table. Create showpieces with real design value that appeal to more of the senses – hearing, sight, touch and taste.

The perfect match
Find the perfect match between flavours and package them using new, attractive and easy-to-use shapes. Create new markets by bringing something new and exciting to the established category of sugar and flour.

Tap into a new concept
Put sugar and flour into new contexts or roles where they have not had much attention before. This an opportunity to make flour and sugar your best cooking companions. Brand owners who incorporate packaging solutions that actually assist in the cooking or baking process will stand out in a big way.

From bad guy to hero
Today many people view sugar and flour as a health risk. Yet, sugar and flour can have an important role among the health conscious. Packaging is a powerful communication carrier. It can be used to educate and inspire consumers about the positive advantages of all-natural raw materials. Packaging can even be an effective reminder, encouraging consumers to lead a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Simplify everyday luxury
Consumers have a strong need to escape daily stress. This opportunity area is about providing consumers with convenient, yet sophisticated, everyday luxuries. Producers could offer packaging solutions that are both simple and smart without losing that premium quality. Brand owners can use these to make the process of preparing food even easier.

Enhance origin and authenticity
For most consumers sugar and flour are bulk commodities with unknown origins and production processes. More and more consumers are demanding to know where these products come from and who makes them.

There is a huge opportunity in allowing packaging to communicate the story behind the product. It’s a chance to use authenticity to raise the status and bring pride back to sugar and flour products.

Make packaging the hero
There is an opportunity to prove that packaging can be designed to support a sustainable future. We all know that food loss and food waste are big challenges. For instance, sugar and flour packagings have a tendency to leak, are difficult to reseal and sometimes sensitive to humidity.

By excelling in protecting the contents, packaging can make a significant positive contribution to sustainability. Convenient disposal, recycling and reuse options for consumers add to this positive contribution.

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